The Six Stages of Pregnancy

6 Pregnancy Stages

When you find out that you are expecting, you experience so many emotions. You are just not able to believe that soon you will be a mother to a small baby who will grow inside you. You are extremely happy and also scared and nervous about things that you will be experiencing in the span of coming 9 months. This article talks about 6 main stages of pregnancy that every woman experiences. Let us know what these different stages are….

Stage 1: Knowing You are Pregnant

This is the very first stage when you are confirmed that you are expecting. You start wondering if people can tell that you are expecting. Does it show on your skin or your body that you are soon going to have your baby.

Stage 2: You Start Realizing You are Expecting

Gradually there are changes happening inside your body which make you realize that you are actually pregnant. Morning sickness and aversion from some food items, regular need to urinate, cravings at oddest hours, people asking you how you are feeling more often, people advising you more frequently are some of the things you start experiencing with passage of time. Lot many changes you start noticing on your body.

Stage 3: Everyone Knows About Your Status

You are glowing and your cheeks have become cute and chubby. It is quite evident that you are expecting and everyone is congratulating you. You now start shopping for some maternity clothes and you feel simply awesome. There is no morning sickness and you can enjoy your food like everyone else. You don’t feel sick anymore and you start enjoying the time.

Stage 4: You Start to Swell

Oh my god!! You are putting on lots of weight. You feel like you are swelling. You are tired of wearing those cute but boring maternity clothes. But you have no other option and you don’t even want to spend your money on buying new ones. People around you keep asking you about when is the due date which has become such an obvious question. You are finding it really tough to wear your shoes all by yourself, do your things all by yourself and getting some good sleep at night.

Stage 5: You are Almost There

Now you have become the biggest inn your size. You are finding it really very difficult to fit in your maternity clothes. Now you cannot wait any longer anymore. People now start saying that you have not yet had your baby. Now you are not scared of the whole delivery process. All that you want now is to have this kid out of your body and just become free. This is the highest peak of your patience and you just want to deliver the baby as soon as possible because you are tired of these 9 months’ regime you followed.

Stage 6: Baby Has Arrived

The baby is here. You feel so light. You are happy. You want to set those gigantic maternity clothes on fire. You are looking forward on losing some weight and resuming your real shape. You are also craving from some amazing food and sound sleep at night which is surely not that easy to have.

These are six different stages of pregnancy that every lady has to undergo.

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