Becoming a mother is the dream of every woman and I am not the exception from this. I also dreamt of the things about my pregnancy and parenting, which was no less than a wonderful experience, or rather a joy ride. I lived with this thought until I am introduced to the reality. It is no doubt to say that reality is different from what I thought of, or I should say my dream does not have any reality in this world. What I wished, everything turned wrong once I became pregnant. Here I am going to explain such 10 things I dreamt about the babies before I had one.

1. Maternity leave will be a long holiday break:

This wish proved wrong once I started living the maternity leave and then I know, my office work is far better than this maternity leave. It is a leave in the sense of doing nothing officially, but unofficially you have to work for the 24 hours and sometimes you do not have the time for yourself. Like me, many women think this, but from my personal experience, I can say handling official duties, conference and meeting is easier than what you will face in your maternity leave.

2. Going out with the baby will not be difficult:

If you think so, it is my advice stop thinking this and you should give your time on other things. Going out with a baby means you have look after her always, not only that, but also to make her prepared for outing, you need to give her a plenty of time.

3. I don’t need help from others:

I thought that I can manage things with a single hand, but I was wrong, because saying things before pregnancy is just like a dream at night, which is not reliable. You have lots of things to do and with maintaining your baby’ health, you need look after your family as well. You should seek help from your family, relatives and friends for managing everything, otherwise post –pregnancy will be difficult for you.

4. Post-pregnancy depression is not that bad:

Depression is a common thing in pregnancy. In between, looking after your baby and managing all the responsibility, you have no time for yourself. You cannot sleep well and cannot maintain a healthy diet for yourself, so you can easily be the victim of depression.

5. I can deal with the fatigue in post pregnancy:

This is another wish which remain unfulfilled. Pregnancy is painful journey and no one can avoid those hurting issues of pregnancy. It is very difficult to deal with this thing, at least I think so after experiencing all those issues. I do not want to make you scared, but it is the reality that I faced during pregnancy. I am not alone in this list; there are many women who agree with me.

6. I will soon resume my work:

I wish this thought would be true; I could not go back to the work until I know how to handle those post pregnancy issues. As the time passes, those problems will be subdued, but you need to give yourself time and don’t think you can make everything normal overnight, because it will only disappoint you.

7. Getting back the previous shape will be an easy one:

This dream gave me pain when I came to know getting back my previous shape is not that easy in the post pregnancy days. This is because you don’t have enough time to indulge yourself in fitness activities as you should look after your baby first and even when you have time, you may not have the energy or desire to carry out your exercise routine daily. You should forget about your body shape and weight, at least for some time.

8. I don’t need other advice as I can make my own way to bring up my child:

Today, I give lots of thanks to my friends, family and relatives who shared some valuable information regarding the pregnancy and the post-pregnancy period without which I couldn’t make my pregnancy days smoother. It is completely an unknown world for you and looking for the information from others may not harm you.

9. I won’t be influenced by the bad comments:

Some people are always ready to pull you down and ignoring them is a very difficult thing. You should know how to keep yourself calm first, then you can avoid anything. But, it is difficult one to keep you quiet while others say the rubbishes.

10. Nursing will be natural and not too hard:

Today I can say how wrong I was. Nursing is not that easy which you may think, it is difficult one. I think, everyone has the same feeling just I felt during that time.