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10 Impossible Things During The Late Phase in Pregnancy

In the last trimester of pregnancy, there are so many things that every expecting mother experiences. There are lots of tasks that you feel you are unable to accomplish because your body doesn’t support you in lots of things. As your due date starts to near, you get tired too quick and you find it really very difficult to do your own things.

Here is a list of these 10 impossible things that are impossible for an expecting mother to do during the late phase of her pregnancy. Let us see what all these things are:

1. Get Up From a Chair

You just cannot get up from the chair all by yourself. You always need a helping hand to help you get up with ease. Not only this you can feel a serious drop in your speed. You will get up slow and steady as your back it giving all the support to your baby belly.

2. Wear Shoes and Socks

You are all dressed to go out for a walk but you cannot go out until your husband or house help comes to your help. Yes, during the final phase you cannot wear your shoes and socks by your own self as you cannot bend to pull your socks up. In fact due to your belly, you are unable to see your feet.

3. Change Your Side While Sleeping

Once upon a time, something like rolling on the bed used to be so easy and natural. But now just to change your side while sleeping, it seems like an impossible task. You need to sleep on one side and you cannot change your side. One position and you are done.

4. Shave Your Legs

If you are habitual of shaving your legs all on your own then for a few months you will feel like going to the parlor to get it done as you cannot shave them on your own. You can still manage to shave your legs from mid calf till end but not beyond that. From visibility to reach, everything will pose you a lot of trouble.

5. Get Inside and Outside of the Bath Tub

Yes, during the late phase of your pregnancy you will not be able to enjoy the luxury of a hot tub bath. You cannot get in and out of the bath tub as it is really a Herculean task to get inside the tub and sit and then get up again. Moreover, it is all the more risky to do so. The best way to take a bath is by using the shower. For a few months, forget bath tub.

6. Get Undressed

Have you ever wondered that you can be the slowest person when it comes to undressing yourself. Well during the last few months, undressing and dressing will become such a challenge for you because it demands you to stretch, twist and turn your body which is not at all comfortable.

7. Sleep Straight

When your baby belly is in full shape then you will always have to sleep sideways. You would desperately want to sleep straight so that you can give some rest to your back which has been hurting from last couple of months but then it is not possible. You just cannot lie on the bed straight and relaxed.

8. Walk With Elegance

Gone are those days when you would look so graceful and elegant when you walk. In the last phase of pregnancy, you start walking like a penguin or a duck. You cannot walk straight and you are not aware where you are placing your feet as technically you cannot see them.

9. Survive a Conversation Without Contraction

In the last days you will experience contraction down there which will keep distracting you. Obviously, it is normal but it is so sudden and irregular that you feel that something is just going to come out of your body and what makes it all the more difficult is the pain that it brings along. This is again very normal and usual as every pregnant lady experiences it during the last days.

10. Get Instructions in One Go

You will always have to ask twice when somebody is giving you any instructions because you are not able to understand things in one go because so many things happening inside your system that you are always distracted. Gone are those days when you were so smart that you would understand everything fast and quick.

These are the 10 very common things that every pregnant lady experiences during the last few weeks of her pregnancy. All of these things are quite impossible for any pregnant lady to do as the body doesn’t allow you to do so.


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