How Much Time a Baby Needs to Sleep?

Baby Needs to Sleep

When you have your first child, you may actually wonder that your newborn baby is sleeping all day long. You would wish for him to wake up so that you can interact with him or play with him for you happiness. When the baby is born, the first few nights are a little tough as he is new to the world and will take time adjusting. He would sleep anytime and wake up anytime and would want to be in your arms. But with passage of time, he develops a sleep pattern. In the early months, the baby sleeps a lot for almost sixteen hours a day. He would sleep for 3-4 hours at a stretch and get up to take the feed. So you can have uninterrupted sleep at night. Once he is six months old, he may sleep all night long. As a parent, you must observe and understand the sleep time table of your baby, when he needs a nap and when is all ready to sleep at night.

General Specifications Defining Baby’s Sleep Pattern

Here is a general information on the sleep pattern babies have during the very first year/

Newborn – Total16 hours of sleep

7 hours 30 minutes a day and 8 hours 30 minutes at night.

One month – Total 15 hours 15 minutes of sleep

6 hours 45 minutes a day and 8 hours 30 minutes at night.

Two months – Total 15 hours and 30 minutes of sleep

5 hours 30 minutes a day and 10 hours at night.

Three months– Total 15 hours of sleep

5 hours a day and 10 hours at night.

Six months – Total 14 hours of sleep

3 hours a day and 11 hours at night.

Nine months– Total 14 hours of sleep

2 hours 45 minutes a day and 11 hours and 15 minutes at night.

12 months– Total 13 hours 45 minutes of sleep

2 hours 15 minutes a day and 11 hours 30 minutes at night.

These are average values and need not be same for every baby. But the pattern of increase in night sleep and decrease in day sleep along with overall decrease in the number of hours a baby sleeps is almost same for all kids.

Some babies are quite while they are sleep. They smile, twitch and make faces when they are deep in sleep and some sleep still.

You will have to anticipate that your baby is tired and needs to sleep. If he is cranky then it is a signal then he wants to sleep. In case, you observe any abnormal pattern then you must consult the doctor.

Important Sleeping Tips for Newborn Babies

Follow these useful tips that will help you have your baby sleep healthy.

  • Keep the temperature of your room comfortable for the baby to sleep. Do not make it too warm for him.
  • Make efforts to make him sleep for better growth.
  • Understand the infant’s pattern to sleep and note the signs of sleepiness in him.
  • Make him sleep on his back and do don’t cover his face or head with blanket or anything else.
  • Decide on cot or your bed. If you are sleeping him on bed then make sure that he is placed safe.
  • Make him wear soft and comfortable clothes.

As a mother you will have to work to design a sleep routine for your baby so that he sleeps healthy. For that you will have to understand his sleep patterns and signals to know that he sleeps enough and gradually he will start following the routine you have designed for him. Be prepared to be sleep deprived in the first few months as his sleeping patterns will be erratic and he would get up every three to four hours or when he is hungry or when he is wet.

Whatever sleeping habits you are going to inculcate now in your baby will be helpful in future. So keep sleep at priority for the baby.

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