10 Things Experienced Only by Big Bellied Pregnant Women

There are all kinds of pregnant women. Some women have that beautiful glow on their skin, a little fat on their cheeks and a round little baby bump. They dress up fashionably even in those maternity clothes and look gorgeous every when they are expecting. On the contrary are those women who don’t look so fine. Just by looking at them you can tell that they are not in a good shape. They are huge and have a big belly which makes it impossible for them to find good maternity clothes and they have to compromise with every little thing.

These big bellied pregnant women experience some problems which are very much specific and unique to their body shape or condition which no other woman can understand. This article focuses on 10 such unique things that are experienced only by ladies who have a big baby bump. Let us see what these problems are….

  1. Maternity Clothes Issues

Pregnant ladies can actually look stunningly beautiful if they are able to find fashionable maternity wear, something that suits their body and taste. But when you have a really huge belly then it is such a punishment to find good clothes because all that you can find loose, unfitted, big clothes that are not at all good to look at. When you wear them you feel you are dressed up in some circus tent.

  1. Lots of Eyes Staring At Your Bump

When you have a big baby bump then you will always have lots of people noticing your belly, obviously because it is an XXL size. You can actually see people staring on your belly hard with their horrified, popped out eyes. Not only this, they are asking their companions as well to have a look at you. You suddenly feel that you have become some kind of a joke because of this bump.

  1. Comments and Queries

To add to your pain, you will meet lots of people who will always have something to comment, suggest or ask. Whenever you will go out, you will always meet someone who will be posing questions asking “Are you overdue?”, “Wow, are you sure there’s just one in there?”, “How much longer do you have?”, “You are HUGE!”. This will be really very annoying for you to keep smiling at these questions as you have nothing to say. You just want to shout out loud “This is not your concern”.

  1. Weight Problems

Big belly means weight issues. Of course you will not fall under the category of normal mothers because of your huge bump. And not just that, you are also putting on weight on all possible areas of your body, like your face, arms, thighs etc. Oh my god that is really alarming. And the worst of all is that you cannot even do anything about it. Once you have delivered the baby then you end up realizing that your body shape is totally transformed because your legs, hips and thighs have widened to a large extent in order to offer support to your gargantuan cargo. You have back pains and your legs ache.

  1. Depressing Dressing Rooms

Shopping is not fun anymore. Your favorite activity now becomes a tiring task. Whenever you are out for shopping, entering the trial room is such a suffocating experience. You cannot try on the new pair of pants because that room seems so small and congested. You cannot move your body with ease and it feels you are stuffed in a squeezed into a small room. And when you see yourself in the mirrors around you start feeling all the more depressed and unhappy about yourself when you see those calves touching your ankles.

  1. Grace is All Gone

No matter how elegant and graceful was your walk, now the way you walk reminds everyone of a suck with a hemorrhoid and you cannot do anything about it. You feel disgusted about your bad walking style which makes it so embarrassing for you to go out on a walk with your husband. To add more to the list of pains, you walk slow, you pant and you get tired too soon. So anyway there is no point to go on a walk.

  1. Say Good Bye to Fashionable Shoes

Gone are those days when you loved your shoes. Now with that big baby bump, all you look for are comfortable and convenient pair of shoes that are easy to wear and feel nice on your feet. Anyway you are not even able to see what shoes you are wearing because of the big belly. All that swelling and itching makes it all the more complicated for you. So you need to find a pair of shoes which is just comfortable, no matter how pathetic it looks.

  1. Accommodating Sticky Situations

When you are putting on weight at fast pace, when your baby bump is growing in size without a pause; you really need to accommodate your senses and system to these sticky situations. When it comes to getting out of your car in a congested parking space, moving to a more spacious queue while getting your billing done and various other things when you demand more space to walk, stand and sit.

  1. It Pains More

When you have a big bump, nobody has no idea that how much painful it is on everyday basis. You need support to stand, to sit, to walk. Your hand is always rested on your back to give it some support. You need extra cushions to make you more comfortable. You have to make extra efforts to sleep even though you are dead tired. This is all because you have a bigger belly which pains a lot more.

  1. Longer Duration

When a lady with a normal bump reaches her final time, she doesn’t have to wait too long but for those who have big bellies, they have to wait for months as they reach that situation a lot earlier.

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