10 Things Everyone Forgets To Mention About Being Pregnant

Whenever a woman is expecting, there are thousands of things that keep running inside her head. She is able to imagine and anticipate so many things based on various things she has heard and seen all her life. But there is a second side to the coin. There are lots of things that your mother, sister, friends and even movies forget to talk about pregnancy. These are equally important and necessary things for a pregnant lady to know but someone they take a backseat in the memory.

This article talks about 10 such things that are not generally talked about being pregnant. Let us have a look at these interesting things.

  1. Mucus Mucus Everywhere

Oh my goodness, you will be irritated because of the mucus formation which will always force you to keep cleaning your nose. That congestion in your chest will make you feel as if you are suffering from severe cold. You will feel like blowing your nose every now and then because of mucus formation. And this is not something abnormal.

  1. Fluid Everywhere

The next things that every woman experiences is leakage from everywhere. You will have your bladder leaking even on the smallest pressure, your nipples also start leaking, some will experience colostrum being produced by the body. This is something which is again quite a common thing to happen to pregnant ladies but then it is also not so talked about thing.

  1. More Frequent Trips to Washrooms

Every now and then you will keep rushing to washroom as your bladder fails to take any kind of pressure and there is no good thing in wetting your pants. Sometimes you will again feel like rushing to the toilet just after you have come back from one trip.

  1. Breathing Becomes a Task

When you are approaching the D-day, you will start to feel that breathing doesn’t come easy. You actually have to inhale deep to feel that there is enough oxygen in your system. You start to pant and get exhausted too soon. Less movements for you as you start getting tired too quickly.

  1. Lack of Sleep

This is one of the most pathetic things that you get to experience. You would see your husband enjoying his sleep and snoring softly and you are all awake. There is anxiety, tension, frequent trips to loo, back pain, itching and various other things to keep you irritated and uncomfortable all through the night. You want to fall asleep but even sleep doesn’t come easy. Life looks like a mess to you. But again it is quite normal.

  1. Body Aches

Another thing that you will be experiencing is sever body aches. Not even one part of your body will feel relaxed. And as the date is going to get closer, these pains are going to increase thereby adding more to your misery. One thing that will hurt the most is your back as the pressure of your big fat belly will be totally on your back which will restrict your movements.

  1. Weird Dreams

All pregnant ladies experience weird dreams at night which are a reflection of their anxiety, tension, discomfort, happiness and various other emotions that they experience during their period of pregnancy. It totally depends on their creative side that what kinds of dreams they see. You need not worry if you have a way too weird dream as it is normal. So take it easy and do not panic.

  1. Boobs Acting Weird

As you will proceed towards the due date, you will start to experience that your boobs are acting way too weird which is actually normal. Your nipples will sore, your boobs will increase in their size, they will start to pain. You will feel like everything about your body is changing and you have simply no control over it. But this is a part of the plan and it was bound to happen. It is just that you were not expecting something like this.

  1. Labor Time or Potty Time

The moment you will start pushing the baby, you will have a sudden sensation to potty which is quite unusual. This is so because your baby is soon going to come out and is exerting all the pressure because of which you have an urge to potty. You will have to beg the nurse to take you to bathroom but you will not be allowed to go. Relax, this happens with every pregnant lady.

  1. You may have to wear “mommy diaper”

We all know that once you have delivered the baby, you experience continuous bleeding for around a month or even more so that all the waste of your body is discharged. For that you might have to wear a mommy diaper which is maxi pad or sometimes a real diaper that comes with ice packed into your underwear to give you some relief from post birth discomfort.

All these things are not so commonly told to the ladies who are expecting. But it is always better to have knowledge of these important things.

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