10 Common Things Said By Pregnant Women and Their Meaning

Common Things Said By Pregnant Women

If you have a friend or cousin around who is expecting then there are certain things that we all experience that they keep saying all the time. It is a way of expressing their emotions or just sharing their feelings. Obviously, there is a certain meaning attached with each one of them. This interesting article unfolds these 10 most common lines that are said by every pregnant lady along with what each one of these things. Let us have some fun reading these wonderful lines used by pregnant women quite often…..

1. “ Ahem, Ahem, Ahem”

This is just a smart way of making a way in the crowd or simply getting that attention of the people around on your condition. It is like an uncontrollable urge to steal some importance in a cute way.

2. “ I am eating for two”

This is another very common phrase used by all pregnant ladies which hints that I have not eaten so many lavish things for nine months which otherwise I should be eating so please excuse me when I am consoling myself with something boring and not so interesting to stay healthy.

3. “ We have decided on a name”

This is another line which is used quite often by mothers-to-be. I want to share my excitement on the perfect name that I have picked for my baby. Even if you don’t like it, you are suppose to be smiling on my selection and pretending that it is surely very nice, no matter how unimpressive it is.

4. “ I have a birth plan”

Surely I do and it is not so different. It includes lots of medicines on the prescription, a healthy diet chart to follow and then the anxiety to deal with when the due date is nearing. Not to forget the painful labor pains and hours of pushing the baby. Well the plan is to eat something nice and just not think about what is to happen as the due date is approaching.

5. “I am not able to see my feet”

This one is another very frequently used line by pregnant ladies. Of course, they mean that all their weight reduction measures, diet plans and personal grooming has gone for a toss. I look fat and ugly as if I was never in shape. It is an expression to burst out that frustration that your weight is increasing and you cannot do anything about it and you don’t even know when you will be able to restore to your previous figure.

6. “ I am not able to sleep”

It is an expression which says that from last 5 weeks I haven’t had a chance to have a nice, comfortable sleep for consecutive hours. All the time when you were relaxing in your comfortable bed, snoring to the highest pitch, all that I was doing was killing my time browsing on the internet, doing some online shopping for the baby or reading some article on parenting. It is also the time when you kept complaining about my tossing and turning neglecting the fact that I am not able to sleep, not that I love to watch videos on internet at midnight.

7. “ Lately, I am having strange dreams”

It is all about sharing the scary dreams that you are experiencing in recent past. It is all about expressing your anxiety, tension and pain that you are experiencing simultaneously. It is also about thinking what is going to happen in the times to come when you will have to exhibit the best of the parenting skills to manage your baby.

8. “ Yes, I am still pregnant”

I am quite aware of the facts that I need to keep in mind because I am pregnant. I know all the diet to follow, things to do and things not to do because now I have Google to help me, to answer all my queries. I do not need some old lady to tell me not to have sex during pregnancy which is something I am well aware of. Sad but true…there is a huge list of things that I cannot do as I am expecting.

9. “ The doctor says that my baby bump is the correct size”

If you are thinking that I am having twins or triplets then please no as you are completely wrong. Do not go by the bump in the stupid movies where the actor stuffs a basketball inside. And for your information, once when I will deliver the baby this bump is still going to stay with me and I will have to work really very hard to shed that fat on my belly. It is not a movie, it is real life when nothing disappears overnight and yes my bump is the right size.

10. “Where is your bathroom?”

This kind of questions is the most frequently asked one as I have to urinate very often as I am expecting. I thought of buying an adult diaper but I think I can manage to go to the washroom. This will keep my kidneys and other organs in good shape. Do not think that I am suffering from some kind of diarrhea. It is normal; after all I am just urinating.

These are some very common things said by ladies who are expecting but you need to read between the lines to know what they really mean.

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