Most Common 9 Murphy’s Laws of Newborn Babies

Murphy’s Law is a very popular old adage which says that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. It focuses on incidents like the queue you are standing in will always move slowly. You will lose your keys when you are getting late for your office and many such incidents which happen once in a while. When you are a mother, you experience the same thing with your newborn baby. But the frequency of such incidents is quite high. You will experience it quite often that those things will happen to you the most when you don’t want them to happen.

Let us have a look at the list of these 9 Murphy’s Laws of Newborns which every mother experiences with her newborn baby.

1. As soon as you will sit down to have your meal, the baby will start crying or he might just pooh.

This is one thing that every other experiences. The moment she will plan to sit and eat, the baby has to pooh, get cranky and do all possible things which are surely going to make you hurry and not enjoy your food with ease.

2. The moment you will change baby’s diaper, he will immediately pooh.

You will clean your infant and change him into fresh diapers after wiping his skin, applying some powder or cream. And within no time, you will smell something nasty. And there it is he has dropped a massive bomb inside. You will feel as if he was waiting for you to change his nappies and here you go, you will have to do all of that again.

3. Your infant will spend all day smiling, cooing and giving beautiful expressions and as soon as you get the camera, all that is gone

You want to capture the cute moods and expressions of your baby in camera. Your infant will be in the best of the mood all afternoon smiling and enjoying but as soon as you get your camera, it all vanishes. No expressions and a dull mood. Your cute baby is so passive and dull that you lose all the charm.

4. Babies behave good with dads.

If you have gone out with your friends leaving your infant with your husband and your husband tells you “Our kid has been a sweetie pie” but as soon as you get back home, he is so cranky. He is screaming, crying and doing all possible things to not fall asleep and get your attention. Darn!!! Is he doing that with some purpose?

5. You do all the hassles of dressing your baby in the new princess dress and as soon as you do that, she pukes

Oh my god!! Nothing can be worse than buying a beautiful dress for your infant and dressing him up after all the crying sessions and tantrums and then once you are done with it, you experience a foul smelling puke on that pretty party clothing and its all spoiled. It’s dirty, with a brown patch on it and you can do nothing.

6. You try to keep the baby awake during the day time so that he can sleep at night and you can also get some good sleep

But it never happens the same way as the baby gets cranky and finally falls asleep at the oddest hours and is awake when it is your time to sleep, he will be fresh and active again. So you cannot get the much needed sleep and some easy time to take an easy and relaxed bath or just pamper yourself a little.

7. Just when you give him a nice shower, you powder him and you are just about to dress him in fresh clothes and he suddenly pees

God!!! All your exercise goes down the drain as again you have to clean him because your beautifully smelling baby is now all dirty again and you need to clean him. Relax as it is a Murphy Law and it was bound to happen.

8. When you are dead tired and sleepy, he is super active and not sleepy at all.

When at night the clock strikes 12 and all you want to do is go off to bed. Your baby is all charged up because he has slept all day and he wants to play. You have no energy left in your body and you want to just relax. He keeps you awake till 3 a.m. and then goes off to sleep and gets up again at 6 a.m for feed.

9.You have finally found a wonderful combination of herbs from your kitchen to ease the gastric trouble of your infant but then it doesn’t work today

The combination which worked beautifully on the gassy tummy of your baby is no longer effective. You really have to work on something more effective for calming his gas issues. Remember not one formula might work all the time. So keep experimenting and make sure it is something healthy.

These are the 9 Murphy’s Laws of Newborn baby which every mother experiences all the time.

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