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Easy to Cook Indian Lunch Box Recipes for Kids for a Wholesome Diet

Every mother faces hell lot of hassles planning what to pack in lunch box for her child which is nutritious and also loved by her little one. Each and every day your morning begins with a mind boggling exercise of thinking what to prepare for the lunch box. To help you with this every day morning tension, we have come up with some of the most amazing easy to make Indian lunch box recipes which are loved by children.

Browse through the list of these best of lunch box recipes which are perfect to pack. Moreover, your child is going to love each of these delicious dishes. So ease your mornings with these quick to make lunch box dishes that are just perfect for the growing children.

Aloo Parathas

Aloo Parathas Lunch Box RecipesAll kids love aloo parathas. They are not just very simple to cook but they also make a wholesome diet. Mash the boiled potatoes and add salt, red chilli powder and amchur to it. You can also add freshly chopped coriander leaves and some green chillis as well. If you wish to experiment then you may also include in your recipe, finely chopped onions to add a distinctive flavor to it. Pack it with aam ka achar or ketchup.


Poha Lunch Box RecipesPoha makes a great lunch box dish. Chop some onions and potatoes and fry them in little oil. Add to them poha soaked in water for a span of 5-10 minutes. Now add salt, red chilli powder, some sugar and fresh lime juice and toss the whole preparation. Sprinkle it with freshly chopped coriander leaves before packing it in the lunchbox. You can also put a ketchup sachet on the side.

Kathi Rolls

Kathi Rolls Lunch Box RecipesKathi Rolls are very easy to make and also very easy to eat. Just make simple paranthas and fill them up with any kind of cutlets you can make, cylindrical in shape. Spread some green chutney along with onion shreds. Roll them into a roll and pack them up in aluminum foils. Your kid can easily have them without dirtying his hands.

Paneer Rolls

Paneer Rolls recipe IndiaPaneer rolls are very comfortable to cook and promise a healthy Indian recipe for lunchbox. Prepare paranthas and in the middle of them put a paneer filling which consists of chopped onions and tomatoes, coriander and masalas. You can also spread a layer of ketchup on the inside if your baby loves it. Make a roll out of it and and pack it in aluminum foil making it easy to eat.

Vegetable Wraps

Vegetable Wraps recipe KidsYou can make any kind of vegetable wrap for the lunch box of your child. Just make a roti and spread on it freshly cut vegetables like carrot, cabbage, onions and tomatoes. Put some mayonnaise over it along with pinch of salt and black pepper. You can again cover it up using aluminum foil to pack it with perfection for the tiffin-box.

Gobhi Parathas

Gobhi Parathas recipe for BabyIf you have gobhi ki sabzi from last night’s dinner in your fridge then you can simply mash it up and use it as a filling to make gobhi ka parantha for your child. Don’t forget to check the spices to ensure that it makes a flavorsome parathas.

Paneer Parathas

Paneer Parathas Lunch Box RecipesMash paneer and add some chopped onion to it. Also add finely chopped fresh coriander leaves and green chilli. Add some salt and black pepper and your filling is ready. Now use this filling to prepare a healthy parantha for your baby. He will love this soft and tasty Indian meal which is so quick to cook.

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji recipe kidsTake potato, cauliflower, carrot and capsicum and boil it together. Prepare a masala using chopped onions and garlic, cooked till brown. Now add tomato puree to it. Add pav bhaji masala to it and then add the boiled vegetables. Cook the complete combination and pack it with pavs. This preparation has rich combination of all the vegetables. You may also include some seasonal vegetables.

Masala Pav

Kids Masala Pav recipeYou can also prepare masala pav by spreading bhaji inside the pav and shallow frying it on the pan. In this case, you can make bhaji spicier, good enough for your little one to enjoy. These masala pavs are very easy to cook and also very comfortable to eat.

Vegetable Pulao

Vegetable Pulao Lunch Box RecipesYou can also pack your child vegetable pulao by mixing all the seasonal vegetables. Rice is loved by children and vegetables promise a rich combination making it a delightful delicacy.

Use any of these Indian lunch box recipes to pack a nutritious meal for your little one to school or to picnic and let a smile spread on his face seeing these yummilious meals cooked by his mommy, just for him!!!

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