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5 Useful Tips To Help Your Kids Get Up On Time for School

Once schools start, it is one challenging task for parents to get their children ready on time on daily basis. From waking them up on time to dressing them up and feeding them with breakfast, there are quite a lot of activities to do just after you wake up. All mommies dream to have relaxed morning with no everyday hush.

We bring to you some of the most amazingly helpful tips that are very effective in helping children get ready on time for school. With these tips, you can have comfortable mornings without any running around and getting enough time to say a goodbye to your baby.

1. Set Their Bed Time

It is pure logic that if the child will get enough sleep, he will rise in the morning fresh and happy without getting cranky. To do that, you must understand that children in the age bracket of 5 to 11 years need about 10-11 hours of sleep at night and those in the age bracket of 11 to 18 years, require 8-10 hours of sleep to stay fresh, mentally and physically. So make sure that you strictly define their bed time and make them sleep on time. If you want to them sleep by 9 then make sure you start getting them in sleep mode by 8 so that by 9 they doze off easily.

2. Make After School Times Busy and Avoid Nap

Some moms prefer that their children sleep once they are back from school but this would shift their bed time. Avoid that!!! Instead when your kid is back from school, to keep him active, involve him in some fun activities. Till 6 or 7 pm, you can let them go and play outside, complete their home work, do some craft or any other leisure time activity and just after that involve them in preparations for tomorrow. And as they will not sleep in the afternoon, they will surely be tired enough to sleep on the defined bed time.

3. Make Rules

It is extremely important that you set some rules for them. For instance, you have to define their TV hours. Watching TV till late at night or working on laptop for long hours should not be a part of their routine. Set their time and if they exceed that limit, take a strict action. This is important to keep them disciplined and also useful in helping them sleep on time.

4. Prepare Them for Morning

It is good for the kid and for you to make preparations for the morning a night prior. This involves arranging their bag, defining a to-do list for tomorrow to make sure that you or your child do not miss on anything and you are prepared in advance for what’s coming up the other day. As they would know what all they need to do the next day, they will be able to sleep better and well on time as mentally they know whether they can relax or stay focused for the upcoming day.

5. Early to Bed Means Early to Rise

If your child has had enough amount of sleep then you will never have to make extra efforts to wake him up in the morning. Just on one call, he would comfortably get out of the bed. But such a habit has to be inculcated in him and will surely take your patience, time and efforts. Just in case, your child is unable to get the average amount of sleep, you must compensate for the loss and try him getting back into the routine without much delay.

With these tips, you can actually help your kid wake up on time and always be ready to go to school without any hush. Use these handy tips which promise a great start to mornings each and every day!!!


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