5 Essential Life Skills to Teach Kids Before They are 10 Years Old

Life Skills to Teach Kids

All of us want our children to be successful and happy in their lives. It is the dream of every parent to give their kids the best of everything. But a good life is not just about achieving great grades or being an ace sportsman, it demands you to teach your children a lot many things which are very helpful in their everyday life.

In this post, we have discussed 5 most important life skills that are extremely important for parents to teach their kids before they turn 10 years old. These life skills make them better individuals who are more responsible, well learned people.

Let Them Speak for Themselves

kids Let Them Speak for ThemselvesYour child can never grow in a protective environment. You have to encourage them to speak for themselves. You must teach them how to defend themselves. Teach them there is nothing wrong in asking for help. Teach them to be their own advocates as this will always help them in their life.

The Habit of Clean Up

Kids Habit of Clean UpWe often miss on small but important things while grooming our children. It is important that we teach our kids to keep the house clean. You can start with their rooms or their cupboards. Inculcate the habit of keeping things clean. Help them keep their books well organized, their clothes well placed in closet, their bed made by them. This will make them a self dependent person for life and then keeping their things organized and clean will never be a hassle or one big task for them as they have been doing it since when they were small.

Simple Cooking Always Helps

kids Cooking Always HelpsWe often find children expressing their interest with moms in kitchen and we often tell them to go and play or complete their home work. This is certainly a wrong thing to do. Instead we should involve them by letting them watch what are we doing, how are we doing as this is a part of learning. Gradually, you can ask them to help you with passing things from refrigerator or kitchen cabinet. But you have got to be patient with them. Don’t lose your calm if they break something or create a mess. Always be careful when you are letting them use knives. The idea is to make them friendly with kitchen and teach them a little cooking.

Manage the Money

kids Manage the MoneyIt is important to teach your child about handling money. Of course we are not talking about any high money rules but we are focusing on simple usage of money. For instance, introduce them with the currency, tell them about denominations and help them recognize these different denominations. It is good idea to give your kids pocket money to help them learn manage their own money, to help them learn self control, to help them understand the value of money.

Don’t Miss on Road Safety

childrens  Road SafetyYou must teach your kid to walk safely on roads, to watch out for traffic before boarding their school bus or while getting out of it, to teach them to always walk on the footpath and not on road, to always follow traffic signals and rule. All these small guidelines are very effective in making your kid a more aware and well brought up child who will be smart and cautious with rules.

All of these skills are very important for parents to teach their kids because each of this skill has a large impact on their growth and personality. So make sure you include these everyday skills while raising your child as they will stay with him forever.

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