Refreshing Trendy Summer and Spring 2016 Fashion Clothing for Children

Enchanting spring and summer fashion trends for kids in 2016 for a refreshing and stylish look. Amazing fashionable kids wear clothing for the season. Gone are those days when fashion was limited just to the adults. These days kids fashion industry is booming and growing at a fast pace. Just like adults, kids are also fashion conscious and aware of latest kids fashion trends for the season. You cannot simply make them wear anything you like. They should also like what they are wearing.

This post brings complete information on kids’ summer fashion trends 2016. We have included the best of the kids and baby clothing choices for spring and season which will keep the style quotient of your little kid high, just like the sizzling temperatures. Read on to know everything you must know about spring and summer trends for children so that you can buy the best clothing to keep them ahead in style and fashion.

Given below are few fashion trends for summer and spring 2016 for children that are must to follow….

Patchwork Clothes

Kids love stickers and having them on their clothes is completely fun.  The summer clothing collection for kids features quirky childhood patches pasted on t-shirts, jeans, jumpsuits and even clothing. They enjoy wearing their favorite animal or cartoon or any other funky stuff which is glued to their clothes.

Digital Prints

These days markets are loaded with vibrant and attractive digital prints. All the cartoon ranging from Frozen to Mermaid to Superman, are digitally printed on frocks, dresses, shorts, t-shirts etc. to make it fun clothing for children. This is another spring fashion trend 2016 for the young fashion lovers.

Love for Flowers

Floral prints and flower motifs have always been loved by children. The summer and spring 2016 fashion clothing collection is incomplete without the much desirable flowers. This season the big and beautiful splashy flowers are on the list. Some of them are also embellished with sequins, embroidery and other patterns to make them look all the more gorgeous.

Art Inspirations

You can also find beautiful summer dresses for kids in enthralling art inspired by different artists. These children clothing for spring come in bright and vibrant colors with delightful textures ranging from simple fruits to pop arts and also hippie and boho patterns making them unique and trendy for 2016.

Straps and Rope Belts

Ropes belts are another latest fashion trend when we talk about kids clothing. A simple dress with a rope belt makes a beautiful difference to the complete attire. It is a beautiful summer style to dress for beach parties and picnics. They are also used around the neckline by various brands to give an interesting look.

Kids Accessories

When we talk about summer or spring season, there are so many fashionable accessories that can be used to create a unique look for children. Every accessory is special and meant perfectly for the hot season to keep your kid stylish and smart.

  • Trendy Visors

To keep the harsh sunrays away from the face, the stylish tennis visors are a smart pick. These trendy visors come with beautiful open lace work with tinted heads so that your little babies can play outside without having to worry about sun.

  • Fashionable Hats

Gorgeous fashionable hats and caps are another summer and spring accessory to add to your child’s collection. You can go with vibrant printed hats or classy jazz hats or hats with lace and ribbons depending upon the attire of your child. They not just keep your kid safe from sun but also promise a stylish look.

Follow these latest fashion trends for kids for 2016 for the hot season and dress them in complete style whenever they go out. Choose from these smart kids’ wear for an enthralling look.

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