The Best School To Pick For a Better Future of Your Child

choosing the best school your child

Selecting a school is very important as it forms the platform on which the future of your child depends. But picking a good school for your little one is not so easy. You have to look into the smallest of the details to make sure that you pick the best school for your kids. On one hand you are excited about this new life your kid is going to begin but one the other hand you are worried about sending him away from you.

Well to make sure that you are able to pick the best school for your child, you must look into these points which work as the best parameters that help you decide which is the school which will lay the foundation of his education.

The Syllabus Followed by School

There are various syllabus followed in schools in India. The different boards that we can found in Indian schools are State Board, CBSE, ICSE, IB etc. More choices create more confusion. Each and every board comes with its own pros and cons. CBSE syllabus is suggested for all those kids who want to perform well in Indian competitive exams after school and if you want your child to go abroad and study then going with IB syllabus is a better choice. Moreover, you also must consider this choice in relation with other points mentioned below.

School Fees

School fees is a very important parameter which must never be ruled out. We all wish to give our children the best of the education but we must not forget that we have to select the one which fits our budget comfortably. Selecting the best of the international school is always good but then these schools have very high fees. It is very important for you to look into different schools and study their fee structure before taking a decision as sometimes we rule out good schools anticipating that their fee would be really high but this is not the case. So while short-listing the schools, make sure you don’t miss on studying fee structure of each and every institution you wish to send your child to.

Method of Teaching

There are different ways schools follow when it comes to teaching the children. If you are good with a regular traditional teaching method then you can comfortably have plenty of choices but if you wish to send your child to a school which focuses on overall development of the child, which includes various other activities to teach and train kids then you will be able to find a limited but worthy choices in your city. So it is again your call that what kind of teaching you desire for your kid.

Physical Proximity

Distance is another very important point that you need to take into consideration while picking the school for your child. Never go for schools that are far from your house as they would require lot of time traveling to and back to school on daily basis which would in fact make your child tired for no reason at all. A comfortable distance of up to 10 to 15 km is considered as a decent distance. This point is very important when you are picking the very first school for your little one. Make sure it is not very far away as that would always discourage your kid to go to the school in the initial few days.

Type of School

Well there are various kinds of schools which include regular day schools, day boarding schools, residential schools. All these schools differ not just on their format of teaching, curriculum but they also vary extensively on their infrastructure. In a boarding school, chances to learn different things are very high. You can actually help you kid learn various sports and art forms by sending him to one such school but in that case your kid will have to stay in the hostel. So depending upon these differences, it is extremely important that you decide that what type of school you would wish to pick for your child as this will define his future and his life.

These are a few very important points which work as a good check list for parents who are looking at different schools to make the best pick for their children. So if you have no idea from where to begin, start with this list and you will reach on to the best decision.

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