6 Common But Scary Baby Issues

Parenting is not easy… the moment you enter the house with a newborn baby, you are always watchful with anything and everything he does. Your head is always busy analyzing whether he is sleeping right, his breathing is going fine because everything is new and therefore you are always scared with that little kid who is the focus of your world.

Here are 6 very common problems with babies which can also be very scary for the parents. So let us explore these baby issues which every parent witnesses.

Baby Crying Every Night For Hour…. Normal or Scary?

Well baby crying is normal but when you are holding your kid in your arms and still he doesn’t stop rather screams continuously, there is something seriously wrong. For a couple of months, parents are always worried if they are doing things right because baby would cry. Various doctors have concluded that it is normal for babies to get fussy between 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. Within the first two months, he begins to cry and is usually gone by the time he turns three months. And this pattern is very normal. The only thing you need to understand here is that you have to be vigilant to know whether his crying pattern is normal or scary.

No Poop…. Baby Has Constipation?

When the baby is born, for the first few weeks, his system will work normal. He would poop well but as he gets older, you will start worrying about his motions because he would poop once in a couple of days. Though he will act normal but you will constantly wait for him to release the motion. This is one disturbing things for parents. Well, it is all normal and part of the process. You should only get worried if the baby has pain while passing the motion and it is not soft or mushy.

High Temperatures in Baby

Babies have the ability to tolerate high temperatures. Fever upto 104 degrees doesn’t call a panic attack as it is baby’s way of fighting the infections and sometimes it can be accompanied with constipation or vomit. If the fever lasts for a day and your baby finds it difficult to rest or eat then you must take him to the pediatrics without wasting any time. In case your baby is younger than 2 months then you must take his fever very seriously.

Spitting Up A Lot…???

Well another common baby issue is spitting up about which almost every mother gets worried. It is very normal for babies to spit what they have had which can vary from small amount to something that can cover the floor. This problem is going to last for the first six months. If your baby is gaining weight slow then you need to attend to this issue with seriousness. Make sure you make her burp once you have fed her as this will reduce the chances of spitting up.

Teaching Baby to Eat Solid Food

Remember, not all kids response to the first solid food in the same way. Be patient and be watchful. Make mealtimes playful and fun so that baby is interested to eat. If he makes a bad face, maybe he is a picky baby. If he arches his back, try feeding him after two hours or so. You have to hit and try to know what goes well. But if your baby spits the food on regular basis, do not force him into it. It is a signal that you must postpone it for some time.

Is Walking up At Night Again Is Normal?

As soon as you have become parents, you know that sleep deprivation is a part of your life. But as months pass by, the sleep routine of your baby becomes more concrete. As the baby grows, he passes through various developments and changes like being sick, teething, travel, growth spurts etc. which wake your baby again but this is temporary. This time, you need to comfort your little one, by patting him, by being there with him. There is no need to get scared as it is a part of growing up.

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