5 Best Teethers That are Must Buy for Your Baby

Seeing your baby grow is one of the most delightful things as parents. It is one of the most beautiful journeys to experience. Teething is one such experience when your baby begins to get his small pearly white teeth. Though babies are born with gums but as they grow, the teeth begin to break out of their gums. Different babies began teething at different times. Some start as early as in the 4-5 months and some take as long as 12-14 months. It is completely normal as to when your baby starts to have teeth. But during this process, baby goes very restless as he experiences quite a lot of irritation and pain in the gums before and during the tooth breaks out from the gums. Some kids even experience slight fever, loose motions and upset stomachs during this process. This is the time when kids feel comfortable if they get some relief for their gums and that’s when they need teethers.

By the time your baby is a few months old, he tends to put everything into his mouth. He wants to know what it is and he also wants to give some comfort to his gums. This post brings to you the top 5 teethers which are the best choices to have for your baby. All of these teethers promise comfort to the paining gums for children. So let us know which ones are a smart buy for your child.

1. Toy Key Bunch Teether

This is one of the most common and oldest toys for young babies. This is the very first rattle that most of the parents buy for their child. This colorful rattle is very effective in distracting a crying baby in the start and when you baby starts teething, it can also be used as a teether. It is designed keeping in mind comfort of your child and to stimulate its senses in order to promote healthy and natural jaw development. You can buy it in different colors and shapes.

2. Wooden Ring Teether

If you are looking for something natural and not plastic then natural wooden teether is the best choice available in the markets these days. It may be a little more expensive but is highly recommended if you want to give your child a plastic free childhood. This is a completely safe and natural choice. You can even find it with some local vendors.

3. Water Filled Silicon Teether

Another choice of a good teether is the wide griped silicon teether which ensures easy and comfortable grasping for the little toddler fingers. This teether is filled with water and in summers it can also be placed in refrigerator for a cooling effect. Your baby is surely going to love biting the soft and cold teether. You can buy them in different designs which make them all the more fun. They are completely safe to use and are BPA free. They come for quite cheap prices and you can buy them in different designs to give your baby a platter to choose.

4. Teething Accessories

Teething necklaces, teething bracelets are few other interesting choices of teething accessories for young babies. Moms can wear them and look great and babies enjoy these safe teethers which are colorful and playful for kids. You can have them in different colors and designs depending upon your choice. Many Indian vendors have been offering this beautiful teething jewelry for the mothers. They are relatively more expensive than the usual rattles and they are worth every penny you pay.

5. Blanket Cum Teether

Another interesting kind of teether is this baby blanket come teether which comes with multipurpose uses.  This can be used not only as a teether but also as a security blanket. It comes in vibrant colors and prints which promise a beautiful appearance and keep your baby also very happy.  You can also have it custom designed as per your choice if you don’t mind putting an extra effort.

For the tender gums of your little one, all of the teethers given above are quite a nice choice. You can shop for different kinds of teethers depending upon your taste and help your baby relax when he is experiencing breaking of teeth.

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