5 Reasons That Make Raising a Boy Child Easier Than a Girl Child

No matter how hard we try to fight the differences between a girl and a boy, we cannot change one fact that they are different in their own ways. Nature has made them different and we just cannot do anything about it. How a boy child reacts to a situation is completely different from how a girl child responds to it. But when we compare different traits of the two genders, we realize that raising a boy child is lot simpler than raising a girl.

This post takes into account 5 such points which clearly explain the situation which we have mentioned above. Let us see what are the points that have made us make such a strong statement.

Girls Always Look Out

No matter how advanced we have become, the girls in our society still work hard to live up to the per-defined definitions of beauty and good looking. Still the times have not change and still they need approval from the world outside. But when we talk of boys, it has never been the case. They would do what they want to do; they would listen to what their heart says without going by the standards that have been defined by the society.

 Boys Speak Their Heart Straight

When talk about boys, they are always straight in expressing their thoughts. They don’t understand sea green, aqua, turquoise as what they know it just blue. But girls are completely opposite. They are not blessed with the ability to speak straight and speak out what they feel in simple words. They would not mean what they say and vice versa because of which they find it difficult to explain themselves and people have to fight their way out to understand them.

Girls Think and Over Think

Girls always think a lot. They would not just look at the situation but they would put all their energy to look be fond it. They would think and over think the situation and involve themselves into unnecessary stress. They actually go crazy worrying about things which are of no importance. But boys are completely different as they believe in living a carefree life. They live life as it comes without wasting their time thinking what happened, how it happened and why it happened.

Clothing Differences

When you are out to buy a shirt or trouser for your son, you can easily pick anything that looks good to you. The only thing to keep in mind is the size and to some extent, his favorite color. He would be happy with anything you will get and will also compromise if it doesn’t have the right fit. But it is not the same case when you are buying a piece of clothing for your girl child. You have to be very cautious with what you pick. Ranging from the color to texture to fit to style to print, every detail has to be kept in mind. She is not going to compromise with anything as fashion is so dear to her. And shopping for her is the toughest job to do. Moreover, there are so many choices and fashion trends that you need to keep in mind while picking just one simple dress for her. All of it would need all your time, efforts and energy to make sure that you don’t go wrong.

Difficult Cliques to Enter

Girls cannot just get up and go out playing by joining any random group of girls. She needs to seek permission from the group leader and then after a discussion she is allowed or not-allowed from being a part of the group. It is never easy to join any group for a girl but with boys, it is so easy and instant. If a boy wants to play, he would just go out and join any bunch of boys playing any game and within no time they will be friends. In fact, young men very quickly connect over beer or any sport without any complications.

These gender differences are very prominent and they have always existed and are going to be there forever. You may find your boy child to be very destructive and full of energy which is contrast to your daughter who is happy with her doll house. Everyone would know that your son is home because of his loud voice and acts of bravery but you will not even realize that your daughter is playing in the same room because she is so silent and well behaved.  With such behavioral patterns you might feel that raising a girl child is easier but with points stated above, you know it may seem easy but it is surely not an easy game to raise a girl child because of so many complications.

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