Tips on Surviving First Week After Baby’s Birth

On the third day after my delivery, I was so happy that I was going home but then all of a sudden, I was scared because I had no idea how am I going to take care of this most precious part of myself. Though we had made all possible arrangements and our room was all set to welcome the new member of our family but I was nervous. I knew my husband and my parents are there with me, to help me with the baby but still there was some kind of fear that was surrounding me.

If you are a mom-to-be then you surely need to read this post which has all the tips on surviving the very first week of your delivery comfortably.

1. Structure Your Sleep Time

Baby needs to be fed after three hours and this causes sleep loss. Therefore, you must plan your sleep by defining your duties with your husband or who so ever will be there with you. Ask them to feed the baby at 12 at night or at 6 in the morning so that you can have a comfortable sleep. In case of breastfeed, pump some milk in advance.

2. Use Pillow To Feed Baby

It is extremely important to have your body posture right while feeding the baby or else you will have sever backache. Having a pillow to feed the baby is a smart thing to buy whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding the newborn.

3. Focus on Your Diet

In order to make sure that the flow of breast milk is regular and strong, you cannot afford to be choosy with food. You must eat healthy and eat right. Drink good amount of water to stay hydrated because only then you will be able to take care of the baby.

4. Swaddle to Make Baby Sleep

When you are at the hospital, learn from the nurse how to swaddle the baby because it is the most comfortable and cozy way to make the baby sleep and therefore, you must learn it without fail. And in case it is cold, cover the baby with blankets over it. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you have stuffed the baby wardrobe with lots of blankets made with soft fabric.

5. Be Smart and Use Shortcuts

You must learn the art of saving your time. Microwaving water just before the baby wants the food is no smartness but using a bottle warmer surely is. Likewise, you need to think and use things that can help you save your time and efforts.

6. Organize to Stay in Peace

Suddenly you will find yourself with lots of things around and your room might look like a mess as well. Cute little clothes, lots of blankets, nth number of diapers, bottles…. Some clean, some need to be cleaned. The list will not end here…. You will also have laundry baskets, wicker baskets and tubs to take care of. So to keep your peace in place, organize from day one!!!!

7. Attend to Your Back

You have to be proactive when it comes to your back because from last couple your months, your back has been under a lot of stress. You don’t need to bend, if it can be avoided. Putting the baby to sleep or changing the nappies are some of the tasks that you will be doing very frequently. Say goodbye to backaches by choosing a reasonable height which doesn’t compel you to bend.

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