Are You Unknowingly Damaging Your Child Psychologically As Parent?

Parenting is not easy. It comes with great responsibility. But every parent ends up making a few mistakes which actually adversely affect the psychology of their child. We make sure that we avoid all those mistakes that have been committed by our parents that we witness as children but we sometimes also end up making more damaging mistakes.

One of the latest researches on parenting divides children into two categories. They are either hard like orchids or sensitive like dandelions and it is the duty of the parents to understand what their child is and behave in accordance so that you don’t hurt them. Some kids cannot even resist a scolding or a harsh word and some don’t even get affected on physical beating.

As mothers and fathers, you have to put in the best of your efforts to understand your child and devote time in dealing with him with utmost care so that you are able to give your little angel the best of the physical, mental and psychological development which is essential for his overall healthy development. With right behavior and understanding, you will surely be able to develop your child into a happy, well behaved and content adult.

It is very important to understand that what your child is going to become in future depends completely upon how you behave with him in his initial years. This is the time when you have to be very soft, kind and patient with your child in order to understand him and make yourself understandable to him. You should spend time with your kid, be patient to what he has to say or what he wants, be polite towards him and do not neglect him at any cost. Your child is your topmost priority and so is his upbringing and you must not compromise with it at any price.

Wrong conduct, unnecessary scolding, verbal attacks, physical beating, lying and various other wrong behavior with kids are responsible for ruining the present and of course the future of your baby. You need to understand that whatever impressions are made on the minds of your little one in the initial years of his life, will be carried forward. Good things will make him a sorted person and bad things will induce various conflicts in his personality which will make life difficult for him. And for such difficulties in life, he is actually not responsible because what he saw in his early years, he imbibed that and what he is now is reflection of what he has undergone in his childhood. Parents are the role models and children learn from them. As a parent, you need to understand that every child is special and unique. He is born with his individualistic style and speed of coping up with different scenarios.

Dr. Megan Gunnar is a famous child development expert. He explains that orchid children are able to develop when they are in supportive environments and also suffer adversely when the environments are not supportive. On the other hand, dandelion children are expected to flourish both, in supportive and non-supportive houses as they are neurobiologically less sensitive.

How to Know if Your Child is Sensitive

It is very important for the parents to find out if their child is sensitive. Complete understanding of their kid is important for them so that they can behave with their baby in the similar manner. To know if your child is sensitive or not, you have to be really very observant of your behavior and how it impacts your baby. You really need to keep weighing your actions against the reactions of your child and at any point if you feel that your child is not comfortable, it is a sign that you must drop it off so that your baby doesn’t get adversely affected.

For instance, if a child is severely abused or ill-treated then it is proven that the development of his brain gets damaged. He may not be mentally healthy and strong to face the world and live his life in a comfortable and sorted manner. This is so because his development has been hampered. On the contrary, if a child has been raised with love, patience and support, he turns out to be a completely different personality. He becomes a pleasant person with a positive attitude towards life.

As a parent, you must know that every day is a new opportunity for you to make the life of your kid a lot better. It depends completely on you that how effectively you use every moment, to shape up the life of your child with your right behavior so that he grows up to be a stronger and healthier individual. So make sure that you are very cautious while dealing with your child because the smallest of the thing can have strongest of impact on his life.

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