10 Baby Things Miss Every Mom Misses When Her Kid is 2 Years Old

For the initial months when your baby was born, you used to complaint about lack of sleep, 3 a.m. wake up calls which will be gone when your kid turns 2. Not only this, you would also miss the precious moments of early parenthood, when your arms would never ache even after holding your baby for hours.

This post talks about 10 such things that you are going to miss in the second year of your little baby. Let us see what all things you never thought you would be missing….

1. Ease of Travelling

Remember when your baby was small, you could travel easy. Even if you are getting late, you could just take him in your arms and get into the care. Not only this, traveling was also cheaper as you did not have to buy an extra ticket for him.

2. Chubby Baby

When the baby is born, his cheeks are cute fleshy balloons. His cute little thighs, toes, fingers and wrists with little creases made them all the more adorable. Though they needed a little more maintenance, but despite that you are going to miss the baby fat.

3. Nap Time

Though all mommies complaint of lack of sleep but they all could manage small nap times anytime during the day. You could doze off on the sofa or sleep on your bed, just when your baby has slept but once he is two, making him sleep and stealing a small nap would be a challenge for you. Now he will always be active and full of energy.

4. Surprise Happy Screams

For sure, the spontaneous laughs and happy screams of the infants are the sweetest sounds to the mothers. His squeals made your heart happy but when he will start to grow, such cute unwarned squeals are going to vanish and you are going to miss them.

5. Cute Adorable Baby Clothing

Those soft, sweet smelling onesies, clothes with animal faces on butts, small t-shirts, socks, shoes…. You are going to miss all the baby clothes. Once he is 2, the new clothing collection with comprise of shirts, jeans and all the usual boy stuff. Those adorable baby clothes are going to be sweet memories and nothing more.

6. Inexperienced Pleasures

When I was not a mom, I was super fast. I never know what it is like to be slow, calm and do nothing, But when I became a mom, I experienced simple pleasures that are so wonderful. I could do nothing and just look at my baby, listening to different sounds and just enjoy the life at its pace without any interruptions from the active world outside.

7. Lots of Visitors

You are going to miss lots of relative, family and friends visiting you every now and then to meet you and your baby. You had no chance to get bored and you also got to discuss lots of things about your baby with everyone who visits you. And once that phase is gone, you are back to the routine.

8. Mesmerizing Baby Smell

You would always love to whiff your newborn baby’s scent and that was your favorite past time. That amazing scent that you were attached to will be gone when you baby grows. That intoxicating scent will no longer be there and you are going to miss it for sure.

9. The Firsts

Every moment is special in the first year. His first sitting up, his first step, his first rolling, his first meal of solids etc. etc. All these first moments will become a memory in no time and you will miss them. The only way would be look back to those time is to record them in a magazine.

10. Stroller

One point in time, you hated to carry it as it was one hassle in your movement but then it became a comfort as you could keep your baby’s stuff into it and also let your baby rest with ease but once he has learnt to walk, it will never be easy for to make him sit in it. He would love to walk and you will have to match up with his speed.

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