Amazing DIY Creative Crafts For Kids

As children grow, they get busier with studies, attending tuitions, going for sport or learning music or dance. Time flies and spending quality time with your kids seems like a big thing. As parents, we must make sure that our kids get break from this hectic and monotonous routine which is going to go on for years.

Do-It-Yourself projects are one of the most interesting and fun activities which help your kids spend time with their family and friends and also help them learn new things. It is a great way of helping them hone their creative side. You never know how much talent your child has, until and unless you involve him in these creative DIY crafts. This post reveals some of the most amazing DIY ideas which you can share with your kids to have them work on with their friends or family.

1. Innovative Mouse Pad

You can direct your kid to make a colorful and interesting mouse pad at home instead of buying it from the market. There are various kinds of material readily available at home which can be compiled together using innovative skills.

  • Take a cardboard and cut it into a square shape.
  • Use an old cloth available in the house to cover the cardboard.
  • The best adhesive to paste the fabric on the cardboard is Modge Podge glue. If you cannot find it you can use Pidilite glue and Fevicryl’s hobby glue which are other few choices. Using this adhesive, neatly paste the fabric on the board and the mousepad is ready.

2. Using Gift Wrapping Paper for as Notebook Covers

We often simply throw away the wrapping papers in which we receive the gifts. But some of us keep them thinking we will use them one way. You can creatively ask your kids to use these used wrapping papers to cover their personal notebooks like diaries or rough books. You can also motivate them to bring in more innovation by using colorful buttons, beads, ribbons and card cutouts to decorate their books in the most stylish manner. This will help your child use his creative skills to decorate his book in the way he likes and he will also enjoy flaunting it to his friends at school.

3. Making a Tote Bag Using Duct Tape

You can make lots of interesting things using duct tapes like bags, wallets, hair clips etc. It depends on your ideas and innovation that what you create out of the waste in your house. Given below are quick and easy steps to make a smart tote bag using duct tape.

  • You will need a sturdy fabric with a matching duct tape, stapler and a pair of scissors.
  • Cut the fabric into the size you wish and fold it into a vertical half.
  • Start placing duct tape on the inside, slightly overlapping the next on the first and cover the fabric completely. Cut the extra tape.
  • Cut symmetrical handles on both the sides. Fold back the flaps to finish the handles.
  • Staple the sides by placing the corners on one another. The bag is ready.

4. Create Your Own Fashionable Headbands

Though markets offer a wide range of beautiful hair bands but creating them all by yourself is surely more fun. You can use your imagination to create attractive headbands using ribbons, bows, plastic flowers, beads and pearls. You can embellish simple plastic or cloth hair bands by using these simple things and your party wear hair accessories will be ready within no time. All you need it your imagination and some glue to create the magic.

5. Beautiful Candle Holders Using Cans

You can easily find cold drink cans or any other cans in the house which are usually a waste. Use these cans for creating beautiful candle holders or lanterns. All you need to do it paint them in various colors or highlight them using different embellishments and you can design attractive candle holders. Do not forget to create tiny holes in the body to let the shine come alive in a splendid way.

6. Create Your Minions at Home

We all love minions and so do our kids. Now you can engage your kids in creating their own minions at home in few simple steps. They are surely going to love this DIY project. Given below are a few easy steps to create a bowling pin game with minions or simply having them as showpieces in the house.

  • Take 2 liter bottles and wash them.
  • Glue the lids onto them.
  • Spray the top half using Krylon Fusion spray print in yellow color. Use the blue paint to spray the bottom half.
  • Download the printable minion goggles.
  • Cut them and paste them on the bottle.
  • Use a black marker to draw the lips or the smiley.

These are some of the DIY craft ideas which you can suggest your kids to help them come up with something interesting.

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