5 Things To Try To Become an Effective Parent to Your Child

Parents are distinct. But despite their uniqueness, they all work hard to give their children the same things. For instance, all parents aim for emotional and physical safety of their kids, they all aim for their child’s comfort. No matter what, no parent is perfect and no parent is effective all the times. They all strive to become best by dealing with different face of doubt, uncertainty, mistakes and learning. Every fresh day, they are making new efforts to make sure that they get it right this time. They work to become better….

This article focuses on 5 things that every parent must try in order to become a more effective parent. These things will add on to your efforts to give your child a happier and healthier life.


Setting up a routine for your child is the first thing you must focus on. From the day the baby is born, parents must try to define his bath time, sleep time and feed time. This helps the child understand and feel comfortable in his routine. But at the same time, you must keep a room for flexibility because child must also learn to accept and accommodate the change. Likewise, as the child grows, you need to bring in the same discipline in his routine. You must understand and bring in a balance between defining the boundaries along with not letting it adversely affect the development of child. With the passage of time, your child will not enjoy so many routines and boundaries but don’t let them break it, as a disciplined life is essential for successful and happy like.


Having a family value system is very important. It helps the kid understand what is right, what is wrong. He knows what is accepted in the family. There are so many questions like education, faith, love, marriage, sex etc. that are answered through this value system. With no values, life is a complete mess. Therefore, make sure you develop a family value system. And for this, you need to practice it yourself everyday and only then the child is going to understand it. This is extremely helpful in saving your child from falling into various problems in life and also makes sure that there are lesser punishments and more understanding for them to learn.


Children are learning and you must understand and respect that. Being a parent, you must have a broad mind and highest levels of understanding and patience with your kids. If he does something wrong or he says something inappropriate to you then you are not suppose to be taking his behavior personally. Exploding on him for a small mistake is your inability to manage your mood or tension. Your child is growing and learning and he demands your patience to keep it smooth and easy. Once you will understand that anything wrong that he does to you is not personal, you would be able to be a more effective parent.


Childhood is the best phase in every sense. You must make sure that you take out enough time to spend with your child…. Laughing with him, playing with him. This time is never going to come and this opportunity to develop and nurture your relationship will be gone within few years. Kids demand attention and being a parent, you must make sure that every day you give them time, no matter how busy your life is. One hour spend with your child is going to release all your tensions and will add on to your relationship. Read him stories, cuddle him, take him out shopping, play with him…these small moments make a big difference.


Self-care is extremely important for being an effective parent. Once you have been able to meet your physical and emotional needs, you feel stronger and happier. Problems are always going to be there, small or big, but your attitude towards them will make all the difference. Self-care will infuse you with greater energy and you would be able to strike a balance in your family.

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