10 Things for a New Mom To Know in First 6 Months

New Mom To Know in First 6 Months

Giving birth to a baby is one of the biggest things in the world. It is a wonderful experience to feel those 9 months and then finally having a cute little baby in your arms. Pain of all those foot cramps, back aches and big belly for all those months vanishes in a moment when you hold your child.

When you become a mother, you are so excited and also very nervous at the same time. You are overwhelmed and you don’t know what to do. This post brings to you the 10 things which you must know as a new mom for the very first 6 months. Use it as a checklist to ensure that you are completely organized and you don’t miss on anything important.

  1. Diapers or Nappies

No matter you want to use cloth nappies or you wish to buy diapers for your baby but one thing is for sure that you need to buy lots of them because the little baby pisses and poops way too frequently and you might not be in a state to wash them that often. So this is surely the first thing to have on your list to keep it all sorted.

  1. Breast Pumps

If you are a working mother and you have to join your office and you are worried about giving your feed to the baby or you have some medical condition like retracted nipples and you cannot feed your infant then in such conditions you need breast pump with the help of which you can pump and store the milk for your newborn baby which can be used to feed him when he is hungry.

  1. Nursing Cover-ups

You must keep a nursing cover-up handy so that you can breast feed your baby without any discomfort at any place at any time. This is one thing that you need to have in your list so that you can breast feed your baby.

  1. Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are very important when you are stepping out of house with your baby. This ensures complete comfort of your baby and also makes it easier for you to carry your child. The baby feels cozy and happy. And you are also comfortable because both your hands are free and your little one is placed safely close to you. You can even try breast feeding your baby in a baby carrier.

  1. Feeding Bottles

Feeding bottles are very much needed whether you breast feed your child or you decide not to. They are very helpful in making sure that baby takes the right amount of feed and grows in a healthy way. Not only this, if you are using a breast pump then again you will need feeding bottles to store the milk. And do not forget to buy a bottle kit along with it.

  1. Nail Clipper

Babies have such small and delicate fingers and you can hardly see any nails on them. But don’t take those nails for granted as they are really very sharp and they grow way too quick. Sometimes in sleep, babies end up scratching themselves. In order to keep them safe, you must make sure that you clip those nail away by using a baby nail clipper which ensures complete safety and ease to clipping them.

  1. Baby Car Seat

While taking your baby out in a car, you need to have a car seat to make sure that your baby is strapped comfortably and safely. This is effective in saving them from sudden jerks. This car seat is another very important thing to include in your list so that you can enjoy a happy and safe drive with your newborn baby.

  1. Baby Bags

When you have a baby, you have to carry every possible thing that your baby might need when he is out. In order to keep everything in place, it is important that you have a proper baby bag in which you can keep his nappies, bottle, wet wipes, napkin, food and everything else that he might need. It is good to go with large spacious bags in which you can stuff everything without making any compromises. The best way is to pack everything without any second thoughts.

  1. Teething Toys

When teething starts, it is quite a slow process and can take its own sweet time. But during this phase, the baby becomes very cranky because of the pain and because of all the irritation he can experience. Having a little teething toy which the baby can chew and comfort his gums is another thing to have on your list.

  1. Play Mats

As the baby learns to flip, you are in need of a play mat as he can now move. After flipping comes sitting, crawling and the development continues. Make sure that you place a play mat on the floor and leave your baby to enjoy. This is surely a safer and more comfortable way of playing for your baby.

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