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Useful Info for Buying Baby Swings in India

Babies get cranky all the time. Cradling him in your arms all the time can be really tiring and painful. To help you deal with this situation, baby swings are the best choice. They keep the babies and the mothers happy. Indian markets offer an amazing range of colorful and cute baby swings for your child but amidst this variety, it is not easy to select the best piece.

This guide brings to you all the information that you must look into before buying the most comfortable and playful swing for your infant.

Types of Baby Swings

Let us read through the different types of baby swings up for sale in the Indian markets.

The Full Size Baby Swing

As the name suggests, these baby swings are quite big in their size. Don’t think of carrying it along but find a place in your house where you can set it permanently. The motor is placed at the top of the swing. The baby can enjoy a full back and forth swing. The seat is placed at a height which means that it is not going to outgrow for your kid too soon. Most of them can be used for infant up to 8 months. Don’t worry as it has a large sturdy base. They are a little expensive as they come with more features for greater comfort and swing.

The Portable Baby Swing

This is the travel swing which you can carry anywhere you go. It is much smaller in size which makes light weight and easier to carry. They are cheaper and perfect if you have space issues at house. But they come with some troubles. The motor is placed on the side of the swing to keep the height lower. It is a bad choice for those taller babies as the seat is lower. They usually operate on battery which is again a negative point.

Key Points While Buying Baby Swings

Here are some very important points that need to be considered while buying baby swings so that you don’t miss on the comfort or fun aspect.

Swing Seat

You need to make sure that the seat comes with the best of the features because your kid is going to spend all the time sitting on it.

  • Inclination: There are some with reclining position. If you are buying for an infant then go with the one with reclining adjustment.
  • Washable: You must buy the one which offers you the convenience of washing so that it stays clean and free from germs.
  • Detachable Seat: Some offer detachable seats which can also be used without the swing.
  • Clip: It helps you have the seat in stationery position when child is done with swinging.
  • Padding: It is important for comfort of the baby. Make sure it’s idle; too much padding is not good either.

Swing Frame

It is the basic structure which supports the swing. It is important from preventing baby from falling.

  • Material: Usually good swings come with a metal frame which ensures complete safety.
  • Base: The wider the base, the greater the support.
  • Foldable: In portable swings, it is important that the swing folds to the smallest possible size for ease of carrying.

Swinging Motion

Here are some features that are a must:

  • Speed Setting: Adjustable speed helps you speed up or down as per requirement.
  • Timer: Having a timer helps you have a countdown and once timer reaches zero, the swing stops.
  • Direction: Mostly swings more back and front but some move side to side. You should select the one which your baby enjoys the most.

Playful Features

A swing without entertainment features is simply nothing.

  • Toys: Some swings come with built in toys which can vary from mirrors to chimes to rattles and hanging animals. Some are embellished with playful lights. These toys vary from brand to brand. Go with what your kid enjoys the most.
  • Music Player: Babies enjoy music. Some play beautiful nursery rhymes and some soothing music which helps baby sleep. Some offer you the choice to change the tracks. It is another interesting mode of entertainment for your child.
  • Theme Selection: It is very important that you pick what interests your baby. A baby girl will always love stuff toys and dolls. Likewise, a baby boy would want cars and trucks. So go with what your child enjoys.
  • Vibration Settings: Yes, you can now find the swings with vibration settings that help you baby sleep without troubling the mother.

Safety Concerns

You can surely not miss on any of the points mentioned below:

  • Weight: It is important to look for the minimum or maximum weight limits mentioned by the company to avoid risking your baby’s well being.
  • Seat Restrain: It is essential that the seat and the straps on the seat are able to have a grip on the baby thereby not letting him slip. Go for durable, strong straps that are also very comfortable.
  • Canopy: It keeps your baby covered on the top thereby saving his skin from harsh sunrays when he is out. It also reduces distractions and lets the baby sleep.

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