Top Tips to Relieve Constipation in Babies

Tips to Relieve Constipation in Babies

Constipation is one of the most common problems these days. It is a result of consuming unhealthy meals at odd timings which hamper the digestive system of the body. It is not only a common problem with adults but it can start as early as infancy. This issue generally starts when a baby starts consuming solid food. If your baby is having hard or pellet like bowels then there are chances that he or she has infant constipation. The baby may also have complaints of pain while having bowels.

What Causes Constipation in Babies?

Well here are a few reasons which are responsible for this problem in young kids:

Problem in the Formula

There can be some issue with the formula that you are feeding your baby with. It can be too strong for him or it can have less water proportion or you have changed to a different brand.

Seasonal Reasons

During warm weathers, you need to feed your baby with extra fluids which can help them release motion with ease.

Don’t Go for high Fiber

You need to know that your baby’s system is in the stage of development. Don’t feel him with cereals which are rich in high fibers.

What are the Symptoms of Constipation?

Look for these signs if you think that your baby is suffering from constipation:

Frequency of Bowels

If there has been a drop in the frequency of bowels then you need to check. If there are less than three bowels in a week then it is alarming.

Quality of Stool

If the baby is passing hard, dry or pellet like stool which is of foul smell then this is another indication.

Physical Changes

If the belly of the baby hardens or when he draws up his legs along with having a red face grunting just when he is about to pass stool are few changes. If the baby looks like he is in pain.

Loss of Appetite

If there is a drop in his appetite then this is another symptom.

Tips to Relieve Constipation

Check Your Formula

Usually breastfed babies don’t suffer from this problem. This problem occurs when you start feeding your baby with a formula. Consult your doctor to ensure that you have selected the right formula.

Include Water in Diet

If your baby is more than a month old then you can include small servings of water other than his usual feed.

Watch the Diet

You must not include foods that heavy to digest in his diet. Don’t go for banana or rice. You can feed him with different fruits and vegetables that help release motion. Consult the doctor for the right list. You can even add a teaspoon of flax oil in his meals for better bowels but make sure that you consult the doctor.

Exercise and Massage

You can bicycle his legs along with gently massaging the belly to help pass him motion.


If your baby is small then carry him in a squat position as this helps in putting a little pressure on the rectum thereby releasing the motion.

Baby Bath

You can give the kid a warm aromatic bath which will help the stomach muscles relax. This will also sooth the pain of gas and will also help in releasing the motion. When you change the diaper then make sure that you clean the area around the anus and rub with gently to help the kid poop.

All these guidelines are very helpful in easing this problem of constipation.

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