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Top 5 Best Indian Massage Oils For Your Baby

When it comes to massaging your baby, India goes with its tradition and you can find lots of natural oils for your baby’s skin and the various Indians brands also support the idea of going natural to take care of your little one’s skin and that is why you can find olive and almond oil for your baby in different brands. Go with your trusted brand when it is about your baby’s skin. Baby massage plays an important role in your baby’s development and message oils makes the bones strong. Here, we present the best 5 Indian massage oils for your baby skin.

1. Johnson’s Baby Oil:

Johnson’s Baby OilJohnson & Johnson is a trusted name that supplies your baby’s skin care products in India. So, when you are looking for the massage oil for your baby’s skin, then you can go with the Johnson’s baby massage oil with vitamin E that helps you to retain the softness of your baby’s skin. It also protects your baby’s skin from the dirt and pollution outside.


  • The oil is clinically tested.
  • It is the mild one and easily absorbed your baby’s skin.
  • It has the ingredients, including Barbadensis extract, vitamin E and mineral which come with the benefits of your baby’s skin.
  • You can use the oil throughout the year and in summer, it prevents excess sweating.

2. Himalaya Herbal Massage Oil:

Himalaya Herbal Massage OilHimalaya is another brand name of India and famous for its skin care products. For your baby’s massage, it brings Himalaya herbal massage oil enriched with olive oil, winter Cherry acetate and vitamin E, which nourish your baby’s skin in a smooth way. The massage oil is also clinically tested and it is the mild one. You can use the oil before bathing as the massage oil and can use it after bathing as the moisturizer too.


  • The natural ingredients make your baby’s skin healthy.
  • The oil nourishes your baby’s skin well and moisturizes the skin too.
  • It is mild enough for your baby.

3. Sebamed Massage Oil:

Sebamed Massage OilSebamed baby massage oil contains soya oil compounds that protect your baby skin from skin rashes and irritation and it also moisturizes your baby’s skin. The oil nourishes your baby’s skin and protects your baby’s soft skin from the dirt. The oil is non-sticky, so it gets absorbed easily. The oil contains vitamin F, which is better for your baby’s skin.


  • The oil nourishes your baby’s skin.
  • It also improves your baby’s blood circulation and it helps in neurological development as well.

4. La Flora Baby Bath and Body Massage Oil:

La Flora Baby Bath and Body Massage OilThis oil comes with the combination of olive oil, almond oil and Calendula oil that gives your baby the complete protection. For your baby’s message, this oil gives lots of benefits that you may look for. Olive oil is good your baby’s skin and you can use the oil as the moisturizer. Put a few drops to your baby’s bath tub to get the result. The oil also looks after your baby’s overall growth. It is available in different ranges.


  • Olive oil helps you in conditioning your baby’s skin as it is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamin E and the healthy fat.
  • Calendula oil has a medicinal value that protects your baby’s skin from the irritation and rashes or any kind of skin problems.
  • Almond oil enriched with vitamin E and antioxidant nourishes your baby’s skin so well.

5. Pigeon Baby Massage Oil:

Pigeon Baby Massage OilThe Pigeon is also a trusted brand of India and pigeon massage oil gives essential benefits to your baby’s skin that protect from rashes and irritation. Bay Massage has a great advantage to your baby and it strengthens your baby’s bone and improves the blood circulation.


  • It is the mild oil for your baby’s skin.
  • It nourishes your baby’s skin and protects it from any kind of rashes.
  • It gives glow to your baby’s skin.

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