Top 10 Worst Things About Being Married to a Pregnant Woman

being married to a pregnant woman

Before being married to a pregnant woman, you must be very brave and should have a complete knowledge of pregnant women and then you can go for it. Without doing so, you may face lots of trouble which you may not expect before and the love for which you take such decision may fade as the time passes. You must have a general idea about the nature of the pregnant woman and should decide whether you can handle such responsibility or not. Though being calm is the only solution to make a happy family, else you need to have a second thought regarding this. The content deals with 10 worst things of marrying a Indian pregnant woman.

1. You have to deal with her mood swing:

Pregnant women have the mood swing issue and they generally get hyper, even on a trivial matter, so you need to know how to deal with this matter and for this, a good understanding between you and your partner is needed. As you embrace her happiness, you need bear her anger too.

2. You need to tolerate her unbearable complains:

You may face a bucket full of complaints from your wife regarding your behaving, talking or even living and if you face such condition, it is better to keep yourself quite. Even if you want to make her clam, things may go wrong against you and she may feel more annoyed.

3. You may need to attain the breastfeeding classes:

Like a responsible dad, you should also take this responsibility and which may get you bored. But all of those things will be a daily routine for you. So be prepared for such things.

4. Make yourself used to what a dad needs to think:

You may need to attain some parties where there will be no alcohols and everything around you is all about welcoming a new baby. You have to know the emotion of dad and then you can enjoy the mood; otherwise life will be miserable, at least for nine months.

5. Accompanying your wife for the Doctor’s visit:

It will be your responsibility to be with your wife when she goes for the routine checkup. It makes her happy and it also makes you known regarding her pregnancy. During the pregnancy, your wife needs you to take care of her.

6. Choosing a name:

Though for a couple, choosing a name means just passing a fun time, but in your case, the situation may be different. To handle both your work and family, you may not have extra energy to be concentrated on such things. But being an expected dad, you need to give your wife some suggestion about the name.

7. Unnecessary food cravings:

Another thing that might make you crazy is her weird food cravings and don’t be surprised if she wakes you up midnight for an ice cream, because all these things are usual for her. Though it is another worst thing, but you need to tackle this.

8. Forget about the physical relation:

In the days of her pregnancy, she keeps you away from her and you just need to forget about all those things until your baby is born.

9. Clearing mess around your wife:

During your wife’s pregnancy, she does not bear the mess around her and it is your duty to keep it clean. Other than this, she also has a great smelling power, so your wife always wants you to keep everything fresh.

10. Midnight shout:

If you are going to get married to a pregnant woman, you may prepare yourself for experiencing the midnight shouting may be for the nightmares. So be prepared for everything. It disrupts your sleep, which makes you hate her pregnancy.

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