Top 10 Entertaining Hindi Movies for Kids Below 12 Years

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We all know that children learn things better when they are taught it as a story and they retain them even longer when they watch it as a movie because visuals have a long lasting impact on them.  Therefore, movies for kids are an important part of their learning. As parents we are not very happy with our children watching movies but we can make them watch the best of the Hindi movies that are not just entertaining for the young audiences but also help them learn lots of things about life.

We have come up with a list of top 10 Hindi Bollywood movies for kids below the age of 12 years which every parent must make their kid watch.

1. The Blue Umbrella

The Blue Umbrella movieThis beautiful movie is based on a novel by Ruskin Bond which is a sweet story of a little poor girl who becomes famous in her village because of her unique blue umbrella and what happens when she loses this very important thing she owns. This is a very entertaining movie which you can watch with your kid and teach him how one earns respect in life.

2. Taare Zameen Par

Kids Taare Zameen Par movieThis is one of the most popular Hindi movies for kids which is a heart-touching story of an 8 years old boy Ishan who is suffering from dyslexia and how studies are a challenge to him and how he gradually is helped to overcome this problem. This is one story which is not only teaches children but also has a beautiful messages for parents.

3. Stanley ka Dabba

Stanley ka DabbaStanley ka Dabba is a story of a young boy Stanley who would never bring his lunch to school and would starve silently and a teacher who is only interested in eating lunch from student’s lunchboxes. This movie is about bonding with friends, helping your friends and beautifully brings on canvass the school life with which we can relate with.

4. Chillar Party

Chillar Party kids movieChillar Party is a cute story of a group of children of a colony who team together to save their loving street dog by saving him from being thrown out of their colony. This movie inspires children to be responsible and independent. It teaches them to help the needy and love the poor animals.

5. English Vinglish

English Vinglish childrens movieStaring Sri Devi, this flick is about a middle aged Indian woman who doesn’t know English and because of this she fails to get the respect she deserves. It is about her wonderful journey of challenges of not knowing this language to finally learning this language and impressing everyone with it. This flick gives out a strong message that we must never judge people. English is not a measure of their talent or education.

6. Chak De! India

Chak De IndiaChak De! India is another very popular Hindi flick which is about a sportsman who wants to prove his love for his nation by training the team of women hockey to win the world cup. This movie is based on the feeling of sportsmanship, patriotism and also highlights the importance of team and team work. This movie surely has a lot to teach to kids.

7. I Am Kalam

I Am KalamI Am Kamal is an inspiring story of a little poor boy from Rajasthan. It brings out how beautifully this boy is inspired by Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam and how he faces lots of challenges in fulfilling his desire to learn. It depicts his dedication to learn as he never gives up despite the worst of the circumstances. This is another movie which teaches children important lessons of life.

8. Mr. India

Mr. IndiaMr. India is one of the most popular movies from the late 1980s. This is a wonderful Bollywood flick which has an interesting plot weaved with adventurous climax and lots of entertainment for children. It is quite an entertaining movie for children which is about a man who can go invisible with his smart gadget and his gang of kids.

9. Do Dooni Chaar

Do Dooni ChaarDo Dooni Chaar is a simple story of a teacher who has a desire to buy his first car. It is about a middle class family which has so many temptations around but still works hard to stick to their values. It beautifully teaches kids to always be honest and never take a short or wrong route to earn money or to be successful.

10. Anjali

Anjali movieAnjali is a heart-touching story of a little girl named Anjali who is a mentally disabled child. This movie is all about family bonding and standing by each other at difficult times. This is an extremely sensitive and emotional movie.

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