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Top 10 changes you experience in your first and second pregnancies

If you are expecting your second baby, then you can notice the differences between what you had during your first pregnancy and what you feel being pregnant for the second time. Though, welcoming a new born always comes with joy and happiness, but still you can feel lots of changes in terms of excitement, emotions and many more things during your second pregnancy. It is due to the responsibility as you already have to look after your first child and you no need to have time for yourself now. The content deals with the changes that you are going to experience in your second pregnancy as compared to the first one.

1. Gathering Information of Pregnancy:

First pregnancy: during your first pregnancy, you are very much excited to gather information about your pregnancy to be knowledgeable enough to tackle any situation. You are ready to read books on pregnancy and do everything to make your nine-month journey smoother.

Second pregnancy: you don’t have a patient as well as time to read books on pregnancy or knowing anything else about it. Since you have already gone through the situation, you think your experience is enough and you no need anything other than that.

2. Food Habit:

First pregnancy: you are keen to eat healthy foods which are good both for you and your baby. Healthy salads and protein shake are some of your options. Apart from this, you are willing to follow a healthy diet that includes fruits, veggies and multi vitamin food ingredients which contribute in developing your baby.

Second pregnancy: in your second pregnancy, you are too tired to follow a healthy diet and you long for spicy foods that satisfy your taste buds. You start missing your sandwiches and all your favorite foods that you cannot taste in these days.

3. Excitement:

First pregnancy: when you get pregnant for the first time, the excitement has no bar. You are so excited that you want to enjoy the every moment of your pregnancy. Everything is so new that it is your dream comes true like feeling. People around you, give congratulation and feel very happy.

Second pregnancy: excitement level goes down and people around you are not that much excited. As you have already known how the journey will be, you too are less excited as compared to the first one.

4. Informing others about pregnancy:

First pregnancy: Being pregnant for the first time calls for a big celebration. One may throw a party for announcing the pregnancy. Everyone cheers you up and give the best wishes for your future. You can feel the happiness everywhere.

Second pregnancy: in your second pregnancy, announcement about your pregnancy on the social networking site is enough. You also think there is no need for the party to announce this news.

5. Maternity Fashion:

First pregnancy: you like the maternity fashion when you get pregnant first time. You also like the maternity dresses and shoes without heel.

Second pregnancy: you just hate maternity fashion and wait to end this journey so that you can wear all the fashionable accessories. Maternity clothes seem boring to you.

6. Your Expectation:

First pregnancy: when you become pregnant, you have lots of sweet expectation about your child and his/her future. You have lots of dreams about your baby and you are happy to think of him/her. You want to experience all those sweet moments with your baby. It is more like a dreaming state.

Second pregnancy: when you get pregnant for the second time, the expectation is cold one and your responsibility subdues your imagination.

7. Time Management:

First pregnancy: you have lots of time in your first pregnancy and even you are free to live a carefree life, because people surround you look after all those things. It is more the time of your relaxation and rest.

Second pregnancy: you already have the sensibility of your first child, so you merely have time for yourself and your relaxation. You have lots of duties now, so second pregnancy comes with huge pressure that you need to handle properly.

8. Capturing the Moment:

First pregnancy: you would like to capture all the things that always remind you of your days of pregnancy. Picture clicking will be your hobby at that time as you want to live the life beautifully.

Second pregnancy: you have no time to click picture now and you forget about making beautiful canvas of your pregnancy now. As you look after your child, you are more mature now.

9. Decorating the House:

First pregnancy: you and your husband put the best effort to welcome the baby. You decorate your house beautifully with soft toys, cards and games and arrange everything what your baby needs. You even paint your house beautifully.

Second pregnancy: the preparation at this time is less as because you don’t have that excitement now. A handful of toys is now enough.

10. Nervousness:

First pregnancy: you are very much nervous as you don’t have any practical idea about the pregnancy. Everything is new for you and in your first pregnancy, even a simple issue bothers you a lot.

Second pregnancy: in your second pregnancy, you are more relaxed and confident as you have experienced about what you will go through these days. Now, you are matured enough to make the situation control.


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