Tips to Make First Few Months With Your Baby Most Comfortable

Baby First Few Months

Finally the long wait is over and you have your cute little baby sleeping right next to you. You cannot stop looking at that innocent face, kissing those baby feet and feeling happy and blessed deep inside.  This is surely the most special time for a mom and you want to make the most of it.

In this post, we have come up with some of the most amazing tips that every new mommy should keep in mind to make the first few months post pregnancy the most beautiful time with your baby. These guidelines will help you start sorted and have amazing memories with your little darling.

1. Be prepared for the time

You have got to prepare yourself for this time you have been waiting from last six months. You have to stock everything from baby crib to clothes to diapers to other necessary things that the baby would need. Other than that, you also need to speak to your husband or your mom or mom-in-law to keep a track of these things post pregnancy so that you don’t run short of essentials for the baby. You also need to communicate things that you think are important in context with baby.

2. Be clam and easy

Don’t freak out if things don’t go the way you had planned as there can be last minute changes like you had prepared yourself for a normal pregnancy but doctor suggest emergency C-section or vice versa. In such a situation, your focus should be on your baby and you must stay calm to avoid things getting worse for you. Once you are in hospital, doctors are there to take care, so just stay easy.

3. Stay organized

Going out with baby requires you to carry lots of things like clothes, nappies, wipes etc. Always keep such a bag ready and handy. And if you have come back then don’t forget to restock the stuff so that when you step out next time, you don’t miss on anything important and you don’t lose your mental peace. Keeping things in place will always keep you sorted. Make sure all the baby things are kept at an easy to reach place and are perfectly placed to avoid any hassles.

4. Do meet your friends and family

Your baby is very important to you but spending all the time for all the weeks can really make you dull and depressed. Taking time out for yourself to meet your friends, family or relatives is very important for you to keep your brain in place. It might hurt you going out leaving your kid home but it is good for you and your baby as well.

5. Avoid taking each and every advice

Of course you will have lots of people coming to you and suggesting you random things about babies. But to stay sorted just have one person whom you think is the right person for advice along with your doctor to discuss and do things for your baby. Listening to every advice that you get will make you go crazy for sure.

6. Believe in yourself

When you become a mother, you automatically know what works for your baby. You got to follow your instincts. If you think something is going to work for your baby but you are not too sure then you can always call the doctor but don’t underestimate your mother instincts and always follow them.

7. Give yourself time

You will for sure have lots of things to do. Other than baby, you have to manage the house and do various other things which are always bothering you. Somewhere in the subconscious, you have things that are pending. But in midst of everything, you must take some time out for yourself, to do things that you life, to do things that help you relax. A facial, a body massage, a trip to spa, your favorite book or a romantic movie… there are so many things that make you happy, make you feel relaxed. Make sure you give yourself time, to do things that make you feel you exist.

With these tips, you will be able to enjoy the initial few months with your baby without freaking out. This is surely a tough time as you have entered a new phase and with these tips, you can actually make it a comfortable time for yourself and also your baby.

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