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Tips to Get Pregnant With Irregular Periods

If a woman has irregular periods then it reflects issues with her infertility. It means that you have an interrupted ovulation process because of some reason which leads to irregular periods. Therefore, if you plan to conceive then you will face problems in getting pregnant because when you are not ovulating then how can you get pregnant.

If you are witnessing such a problem then you are advised to consult your gynecologist to handle the situation on time. Though irregular menstrual cycle is quite a common problem in women these days because of unhealthy lifestyle patterns and eating habits but then you must not ignore the situation.

What are Irregular Periods?

Let us find out what does irregularity in periods mean. To do that you must count the number of days between your two consecutive monthly cycles. Start it from the very first day of your period to the last day of your next periods. The ideal results should be any value between 23 days to 35 days. If you fall in this category then you must not worry. But if the gap falls beyond 21 days and 35 days then it is a problem when needs your immediate attention. It might happen that for once this value for you comes in not recommended range but it is harmless if it is continuous. So you can monitor your periods to know if they are regular or not.

Causes of Irregular Menstrual Cycles

The major cause behind such a condition is hormonal imbalance. There are many reasons because of which hormonal imbalance occur and you don’t even get to know. But this is a serious issue as it can put your pregnancy in problem. If your ovulation process is on right lines then there is nothing to worry.

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

This is the most common hormonal imbalance that causes irregularity in periods. In this syndrome, woman suffers from irregular menstrual process which occurs without completion of ovulation.

  • Other Reasons

There are various other reasons which complicate the process. Unhealthy eating habits- eating junk, not eating on time are few problems. Lifestyle issues like sleeping late, getting up late, stressful life and following unhealthy lifestyle. Obesity and excessive exercising are also some of the reasons.

Tips to Get Pregnant Even with Irregular Menstrual Cycles

For all those women who have irregular periods, their only focus is to get pregnant without any complications. For this you need to make a few changes in your lifestyle, routine and habits so you’re your body is able to overcome the hormonal imbalance.

Here are few tips that can be of help to you.

  • Consult a Gynecologist

You can have a clear view of your status. This way doctor can help you plan your pregnancy with medicines, changes in food and other lifestyle practices.

  • Watch Your Diet

You must consult your doctor and have a healthy diet plan designed for you which contains all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which provide required nutrition to your body to keep it fit and healthy.

  • Watch Your Weight

Weight is one important thing to consider. In case you are overweight then you will face complications in your pregnancy. Therefore, you must reduce before your conceive. To know your right weight, you can follow BMI. If the reading of BMI is above 25 then you need to reduce. Likewise, being underweight is also not healthy and if you are extremely slim then you must put on some kilos.

  • Exercise

It is important that to stay fit you exercise on regular basis to increase your strength and stamina.

  • Supplement Diet

For women suffering from problems of infertility, they must have vitamin supplements which provide necessary nutrients to the body which are must for development of fetus. You can seek consultation from your doctor to know which ones are good for you. These supplements reduce complications in periods thereby improving fertility and balancing the hormones.

All these tips must be utilized by you to make sure that you have healthy pregnancy despite irregular cycles.


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