Things To Know Before Planning a Whole Health Drink For Your Child

Planning a Whole Health Drink For Your Child

Mothers are always concerned about the development and growth of their children. And for that they try different health drinks which can make their kids smarter, taller, healthier etc. Markets offer various choices of health drinks for children that make various claims. But a smart mom is the one who knows which the best drink is for her child.

In this post, we have discussed a few points that are extremely important while buying a wholesome health drink for your kid. So read on before you purchase it….

Taste Is Important

Of course, if you are giving your child a glass of milk and he is not fond of it then you have to make it taste better for him. And various health drinks in different flavors have been marketed well to allure children. There is no doubt that they offer a wonderful spread for kids to select what they like and keep switching to something different. But you must know that most of these drinks are nothing better than loads of sugar along with some interesting flavor in it. The most important ingredient is the milk and it doesn’t really matter which flavor or brand you are going for until and unless your child drinks it happily. For a child taste is an essential element and you cannot miss on it.

Ingredients of Health Drink

  • Most of the health drinks that are available in the market have malt as the base. Malt is germinated, dried cereal grain.
  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Emulsifier and various other processing agents that are added to the combination for a better shelf life.
  • Supposed vitamins and minerals that are synthetic in nature and are therefore not absorbed by the system

These ingredients clearly indicate how healthy or wholesome a health drink is in reality.

Height Claims

There are health drinks that claim that they help children grow taller faster. We must not forget that genes have an important role to play when we talk about height. Therefore, all those companies which claim better height are actually using this fake claim as a height is one thing that we all are very much particular about.


We have gone through the points which make the picture of wholesome healthy drinks available in the markets.  We must understand that the promises made in advertisements are not real and if you are buying these drinks to make milk sound a little more interesting for your kid then it is fine because otherwise, you cannot depend on these drinks for better health. A wholesome meal is what your kid requires to have a good growth, so never compromise with this meal thinking that the milk that you are serving him twice a day is good enough. Freshly cooked homemade food is the most nutritious thing for your child and there is no substitute to it.

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