Remedies for Physical Aches and How Strollers are a Big Relief

Remedies for Physical Aches

Being a mother is not easy. You have to undergo all sorts of painful experiences. Starting from conception to delivery to post delivery, there are different phases. From pain in back to horrifying labor pain, you have to face it all. But once you hold your baby in your arms, all the pain vanishes and you feel on top of this world.

But then a new chapter has just begun. With sleepless nights and missing rest, you have all your body parts aching. There are times that you would feel that you cannot bear it anymore because breastfeeding your baby to carrying him around in your arms can actually be a tough job.

This post talks about some of these physical pains that you have to bear as new mothers along with some simple remedies that can help you ease them. So to keep those pains at bay, read on and find out what you can do.


For everything you will have to bend down. To pick up your baby from the bed, to pick up his toys from the floor, you have to keep bending down for various reasons and in case you make a wrong move then you will have to deal with a painful back.

  • In order to avoid hurting your back, always bend at the knees and then get down.
  • Do not try and twist your back when you are picking something by bending down.
  • Avid holding baby too often and for too long.
  • Lie straight and give your back enough rest or situation can complicate.
  • Try hot compress or ice pack to soothe.
  • Once in a month spa session can be a big help.

Neck or Shoulder Pain

Breastfeeding your baby for long can actually result in pain in your neck. And this pain spreads to the shoulders because of all the labor you have to do.

  • To ease pain in neck while breastfeeding, look up once in a while.
  • Try doing some neck rolls while you are feeding the baby.
  • Use a nursing pillow to get the baby closer as this would put less pressure on neck.
  • Try doing some stretches after every feed as they will help your muscles relax.
  • Hot compress can also help you soothe pain.
  • You can also go for a relaxing massage.

Arm Pain

Holding the baby, supporting her with one hand while doing your work or holding bags can actually give you serious arm pain.

  • Always hold the baby using both your hands.
  • Do not carry too many bags; limit it to what you really need.

Wrist Pain

Mommy’s wrist is the condition when you bend your wrist too often when you are carrying the baby which causes intense pain.

  • Massage your wrist gently towards the elbow. Do not stroke it any other way.
  • Hot and cold compress can also help.

Hip Pain

For ease of carrying, mothers often hold their babies on the hip with one arm around them for support. But this practice can cause a lot of strain.

  • Hold baby against your chest, using both your arms to support well.
  • Change from one hip to another to avoid stress.
  • Use cushion for lower back when you are sitting.
  • Hot compress can also help.

All these pains are quite common but following the remedies mentioned can help you keep them at bay.

How Helpful is Stroller

One of the best things to buy for your baby is a stroller. This is one thing which can help you fight all sorts of pains mentioned above without much of efforts. Here are some benefits of using stroller which explain why it is the best solution to lots of pains.

  • Don’t need to carry your baby in your arms all the time. Make him sit or lie in a stroller and you are sorted.
  • Allows complete and comfortable movement for the child and saves your back from pain.
  • Allows storage of lots of baby things that your baby might need. You don’t have to carry a bag on your shoulder anymore.
  • Heavy duty strollers can take the weight of toddlers as well. So if your baby doesn’t want to walk more, make him sit in a stroller.
  • They are portable and can be carried anywhere. You can carry them in your car or in local trains without any discomfort.

Markets offer a wide range of choice in strollers. You can go with the stroller which meets all your needs effectively. For sure, you will get a big relief from all sorts of body aches that have been bothering you all this while.

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