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Products in India That Keep Your Baby Safe

When a baby is born, is the happiest moment for the family. But it is also the time when tensions related with infant’s health, his food and his safety begin to bother you. As a parent, you want to ensure that your child is completely safe and secure. You want to make sure when your baby is inside the house, he is completely safe. You cannot negate the fact that sometimes simple things inside your house can be really very troublesome for your kid. There are all possible luxuries in your house, designer furniture, lavish show pieces and hi-tech gadgets, which can often interfere with the safety of your child.

People are not very conscious about safety measures for baby in house in India. They often miss on such an important thing which is related with the wellbeing of their child. As a parent, it is very important that you make your home a safe place to live because as the baby grows, as he starts to move; it becomes really very risky as he wants to touch everything, he wants to take everything to his mouth out of curiosity. Therefore, parents in India need to give the best of their attention to make sure that their home is a childproof place to live in.

Because of increasing awareness of child security in India, parents have understood the need to have safety products to make their house secure. Due to the lifestyle that we have these days, we know that we are surrounded by so many dangers on daily basis. Hence, it is must that when you have a little baby in your house, you buy some of the basic and very useful baby products that are available in the market. These products ensure safety of your child thereby reducing the risks that surround him.

Checklist of everything Indian Parents require to shop for their newborn babies

Let us have a look at some of the baby safety products that every Indian outlet needs.

Door Slam Stoppers

It is indeed the most important thing to have. This will help you save your child from accidently locking himself up in the room and also save him from pinching his fingers while shutting the door.

Electrical Outlet Plugs

It is important to cover electrical outlet plugs to protect your child from shocks and burns. It is a common habit of every child to insert his fingers in those holes of electrical outlets which is extremely risky.

Cushioned Corners

To save your toddler from sharp edges, you can cover those corners with cushions covers.

Window Guards and Stops

It is important to use window stops and guards in windows without grills so that your child cannot open them. This will not let your child open the window beyond a few inches thereby keeping him safe.

Safety Latches

You can use them for your drawers and cabinets. Guard your refrigerator and other risky cabinets and drawers by using these latches which will stop your child from reaching out to those knives, glass items and various other risky things. Save your toddler from opening those sensitive drawers and doors of the cabinets.

Safety Gates

You can place them at the start of the stairs or in the doorway to make sure that your toddler stays away from danger. Create a protection layer and save him your child.

Toilet Locks

These locks help you keep your child away from flush and other hazardous items in the bathroom.

Baby Bed Guard

To make sure that your baby sleeps without any danger, use this bed guard to protect him from falling from the bed while sleeping.

Car Seats

When you are carrying your baby in car then make sure that you make your baby sit in a secure way. This is the best way to help them seated tightly with their backbone in the right position. It saves them from jerks while driving and keeps them comfortable.

Cord Shortener

Don’t let those long cords lie open in the house. They are risky for children as they can trip and hurt themselves. By using these cord shorteners you can keep your baby safe by winding up the extra long cords.

These are some of the safety products which keep your baby safe from some very common accidents that can happen on a regular day. By having these products in your home, you can stay at ease even when your child is out of sight. These are some of the must haves that every parent should have in the house in the growing years of their kid to save him from accidents.


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