Major Difference Between Indian Parenting and American Parenting

Difference Between Indian Parenting and American Parenting

Every country, every culture has its own style of parenting. People have different ways of raising their children, which, if noticed can be an interesting observation. In this post, we shall be discussing difference between American and Indian parenting. We all know that parenting in Indian culture is very different and in this post, you will see how different it is from American way of raising kids. This would also help you know how challenging it is for Indian kids in American schools.

Birthing classes in America

These classes start before the birth of the child and are helpful in teaching moms-to-be different ways to deal with labor processes, to teach husbands how to help wife during the delivery process, how to hold the child, how to change the nappies etc. Such classes are very common in America but there is no such culture in India.

Husbands accompanying wives in delivery room in America

In America, husbands accompanying their wives to delivery room is very common. They are there to help their wife, to experience their baby born. But in India, most of the hospitals don’t allow husbands to be present in the delivery room.

Sleeping with babies in India

In India, still most of the mothers prefer having their baby sleep with them. Though with time, the trend has been changing but still most of the Indian parents prefer co-sleeping with their newborn babies. On the contrary, in USA, it is a norm to have the nursery ready before the baby is born and he or she should be made to sleep in a separate room.

Setting up a schedule in USA

In USA, parents work out a particular schedule for their babies because they feel that it is extremely important for smooth parenting. There has to be a particular time to feed, sleep and do activities which makes the routine very much predictable. On the contrary, Indian parenting doesn’t involve setting up a particular schedule for the babies.

Difference in Bed Time in India and USA

In Indian homes, parents usually try to make their children sleep by 8-10 pm and then there are some parents which make their kids sleep when they are sleepy. There is no specific bedtime for babies. Whereas, in America, parents are extremely particular with bedtime of their babies. They want them to sleep for good number of hours and therefore, they make them sleep as early as 6-7 pm in the evening.

Feed Your Child V/s Independent Eating

In India, parents feed their children. They would spend a good amount of time feeding their babies, telling them stories, entertaining them so that they can finish their meal. Just opposite to Indians are Americans who prefer inculcating the habit of independent eating in their children. They are made to sit on a high rise chair and they are set free to have their meal, the way they like it.

Intense, Advance Planning by USA Parents

Parents in USA are very particular when it comes to planning. They are extremely advance when it comes to planning the school, hobby classes, holidays and everything else. They do all the planning in advance to keep things well managed. This kind of planning is missing with Indian parents. They generally plan things at the last moment or just before the time.

Importance on Giving Independence

US make sure that their children become independent individuals when they grow big and this learning starts when they children are small. They train them do things on their own which start from making their bed, changing their clothes etc. They are made to do their things so that they become independent. Indian parents, out of love, tend to do everything for their children on their own which makes them kind of dependent on their parents.

Importance on Sports by American Parents

American parents are very particular and they make sure that sports are a part of the life of their children. They always encourage them to participate in extra-curricular activities because they consider it is important for overall personality development. Indian parents are not so conscious when it comes to having their kids participate in sports or other activity. They are sort of relaxed.

These are the important differences between parenting in Indian culture and American culture which create different individuals.

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