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IVF – Man-Made Blessing for Couples

Infertility has become one of the most common problems these days. We can blame it on our lifestyle practices, food habits and late conception. But no matter what the reasons are, not being able to conceive is one of the most devastating things to happen. When everything goes smooth and easy, you don’t even realize how blessed you are but when things don’t happen as expected, you feel your world has shattered.

When you and your husband decide to have a family and you keep trying. You keep hoping that you are going to skip your next period but it doesn’t happen like that. You are disappointed because your periods have arrived on time. You involve yourself in all the research linked with getting pregnant. You Google all possible information and read articles, posts and blogs sharing every detail. You even talk to your friend or sister or mother. And then you try again but you again land up with same results.

This time you visit the best gynecologist in the city who then asks you and your husband to undergo a couple of tests. And when you finally get the report, you are completely shattered because one of you is incapable or infertile. You and your husband feel completely helpless and now you start to work on finding solutions best suited to your complication.

While doing all the research, you come across IVF which stands for In Vitro Fertilization. This is a process in which the fertilization of egg by sperm takes place outside the body, i.e. in glass which comes from “In Vitro”. During this process, complete monitoring and stimulating of the ovulatory process of a woman’s body is conducted. This includes removing of an ovum or ova which means removing of egg or eggs from the ovaries of the woman and then allowing the sperm to fertilize it in a liquid laboratory. Zygote, which is the fertilized egg is cultured for the span of 2-6 days during in presence of growth medium and after this, it is implanted in the uterus of the woman. This is the final step which is done with an intention of successful pregnancy. The rest of the process continues inside the body.

In last few years, many couples from all over of the world have opted for this process and now they are happy parents. Lots of babies have been delivered successfully using this technique. We need to accept and understand that infertility has now become one very common thing. We must take precautions in relation with our diet and lifestyle but we can never be sure what might happen. In last one or two decades, there has been a drastic change in how we live and what we eat. Adulteration in food, unhealthy food practiced, pollution and various other reasons have contributed to ill health.

These days larger numbers of women are suffering from problems like irregular menstruation, PCOD, high thyroid levels and fibroids which are leading to infertility. Likewise men have been diagnosed with low sperm counts, hormonal imbalances, low testosterone levels which lead to infertility or poor quality of eggs.

It is good to expect to have a natural process for conception and delivery. No one wants IVF or C-sections. Every woman desires a normal and healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby in her arms whom she is able to breastfed but we need to open up our eyes and accept the fact that our lives are not same as they were before. Due to various uncontrollable factors, we have to deal with such complications. If we will get more accepting to things like these, life will be surely lesser complicated.

Myths Related with IVF

Here are some common myths related with IVF:

  • You cannot control the rate of success of IVR process
  • Once the embryo transfer has been done, you need to rest
  • Stress interferes with success of IVF
  • Blame drugs for any kind of emotional symptom you are experiencing.

So if you are not able to get pregnant and IVF is one of the options suggested by your doctor then you must consider it and understand it seriously as this can really help you answer your prayers. With right treatment, you can have a healthy baby in your arms the next year.


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