Interesting Top 10 Realities About Newborn Babies

Top Realities About Newborn Babies

Babies are the cutest things. They are extremely adorable and are gifted with high magnetic pull. But there is another side of the newborn babies which we are not so much aware of. But as parents to be, we must know these gross realities about infants so that we can take better care of our cutie pies. This article brings to you the top 10 interesting realities about the newborn kids which are must for every father and mother to know. Let us see what these facts are.

1. Fingernails of infants grow really very fast.

Those small hands have really sharp nails which grow at an amazing speed. You need to keep cutting them from time to time. Also remember that they are really very sharp and you cannot afford to leave them unattended.

2. The umbilical cord stays there for a while.

It slowly dries and starts to stink before naturally falling apart. It is normal and it might as well bleed a little.

3. The skin peels off

The skin of the newborn baby peels off for a few days or weeks and there is an underlying fresh skin which shows off after sometime.

4. The weird colors of poop

You will be shocked to see black, yellow and sometimes green poop which is accompanied with the dirtiest smell you have ever experienced.

5. They fart really loud

It might sound strange but the infants really fart out loud. As they are settling in their new life, they do experience some gastric issues because of which they fart and sometimes it smells bad too.

6. They burp and you cannot miss it

Burps are very important when it comes to small babies. It is an indication that their food has gone to the next level. And if you miss on the burp they are surely going to vomit when you expect it the least.

7. Soft spots on the skull

There is a soft spot on the top of the head which is really very delicate. You can actually see the gap and feel it. Try to handle them with care as the skull takes time to fuse together.

8. Funny and weird sleeping sessions

You may sometimes find your baby sleeping with his eyes open, sometimes you will find him smiling cutely while taking a nap. Different times, different experiences and everything is normal.

9. Baby Acnes

Do not freak out seeing an outburst on his cheek. It is normal and acnes appear sometimes on their skin. They will go off.

10. Cradle Cap

You will have to scrape the scales off of the head of your baby with your fingers in a gentle and smooth way. It might sound gross but it is again very normal.

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