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How to Choose a Best Baby oil for Massage in India

In India, when a baby is born massage is introduced in his regime. In every house, newborn baby is given a daily massage to cleanse his body hair and to nourish his muscles and bones for better growth and development. Usually, a soft wheat dough ball is used by dipping in almond oil with dash of turmeric. Such a massage is given in the first one week after the birth every day just before the bath. This is also very much helpful in helping baby have a sound sleep and wake up active.

Mothers need to select the right massage oil for the baby as it is essential for overall physical development of the child. To make sure that your infant has strong bones and healthy body, you must select the right oil.

How to Choose the Right Massage Oil for Baby?

Here are some steps that you must follow in order to purchase the right massage oil:

  • You may consult the doctor to know which all oils are good for the sensitive baby skin. This will help you get complete information on these oils.
  • Do not buy oils that are meant for adult massage. They may not be good enough for the tender skin of the infant.
  • Do not go for sticky oils as this may cause discomfort. Select the one which facilitates smooth movement.
  • Go for light oils which get easily absorbed by the skin.
  • Read all the ingredients carefully before purchasing.

Different types of oil used for massaging the newborn baby

Here is the list of all the oils which can be used for massaging your newborn baby:

  • Pure ghee

Pure ghee made from cow’s milk is considered to be one of the best choices for massaging baby. It cannot be used in large scale and works wonderfully in winters as it protects your baby from cold. It leaves skin with a smooth and soft texture.

  • Almond oil

This oil is rich in Vitamin E which makes it a wonderful choice for massaging infants. It is good for the tender baby skin and leaves it feeling softer and suppler.

  • Mustard oil

This is widely used oil in India for massaging newborn babies. It keeps the body warm and imparts strength to the bones. It keeps your child protected from cold. It is a good choice of oil for babies for winter season.

  • Coconut oil

This is the most commonly used massage oil in kids. Warm coconut oil massage is very beneficial for baby’s growth and skin. It is the most preferred choice in the summers by Indian mothers.

  • Olive oil

The benefits of olive oil are known to all. It is known for increasing hair growth. In case your baby doesn’t have good hair growth on scalp or lacks eyebrows then you can apply it on the scalp and eyebrows for beautiful hair.

Child Health Care Tips – Here you will find a health care tips for newborn babies that will be useful, beneficial, and most importantly give you and your children peace of mind.

All these oils can be used for massaging your infant. They make them healthier as they nourish them well and also offer a nice sound sleep. So choose any of these after consulting your doctor.


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