Helpful Tips to Keep Your Kids Protected from Dengue

baby and Kids Protected dengue mosquito

Whenever we talk of rains, the one dangerous disease that is on the top shelf of my memory is Dengue. We often come across headlines in newspaper about increasing cases of Dengue in monsoons. As parents, we have to be very cautious with this disease which can be avoided if we take certain measures. So if you are thinking what effective proactive steps you can take to keep your child safe during monsoons then we have come up with a list of helpful tips that can surely be a big relief. Follow these simple guidelines which are quite a precaution.

1. Dress Kids In Covered Clothes

The first and the foremost protection is covering up your kid in full sleeves t-shirts and full pants as they are the first step to protection from mosquitoes. When you know there are mosquitoes around, making your little one wear shorts, clothes with short sleeves, skirts etc.  is a bad idea. Don’t think if you have used a mosquito repellent, dressing them in short clothes would work. Make sure you cover them up in proper clothes.

2. Don’t Let Them Step Out Without Mosquito Repellant

Make sure that whenever your kid steps out of the house, you have applied enough mosquitos repellant to create another layer of protection around him. Whether he is going to school or he is going outside to play with his friends, never miss on mosquito repellent whether it is day time or evening.

3. Be More Cautious Around Dawn and Dusk

Though the AedesAegypti mosquito which is responsible for Dengue is active round the clock but you must not send your child out of the house around dawn and dusk time as probability of attack from mosquitoes is higher two before sunset and two hours after sunrise. It is best to ask your baby to stay home during this time.

4. Make Your House Free From Mosquitoes

To make your house free from mosquitoes, you have to work really very hard to make sure that your family is safe from Dengue. There are lots of choices available in market which help you keep have a mosquito free house. You can pick a safe and non-toxic liquid mosquito repellant or you can also use smart cards or coils or electronic pest repellers to keep your space free from these dangerous mosquitoes.

5. Keep Kids Away From Potted Plants, Stagnant Water

We all know that potted plants and stagnant waters are home for mosquitoes and therefore, it is very important to keep kids away from these sensitive areas where probability of mosquito bites is higher.

6. Keep Surroundings Clean

This is another most important thing you must focus on. Use repellants will not be sufficient if you fail to keep your house and its surroundings clean. Do mot over water your plants if you have a garden. Do not let the water get collected. If you have pond in the vicinity then grow fish in it to avoid breeding of mosquitoes.

These are some of the most effective ways to protect your children from Dengue. With these proactive tips you can smartly cut down on probability of your kid getting mosquito bite.

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