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Healthy Diet Plan for Eighth Month Pregnancy

When you are in your eight month pregnancy, you are just waiting to meet your baby, but you should not ignore your diet in this excitement to see your little family member. You have to prepare your body for all which you are going to face at your final month of pregnancy. Though it is hard to maintain the regular diet at this stage as you feel tired, but your baby is still growing and you need to take the right nutrient to help your baby’s growth. Besides this, your post pregnancy will be tiresome, so it is the best time to boost up your energy level for the future. Follow a healthy diet at this time; however, many women face heartburn and indigestion during the last trimester, you have to maintain your eating habit. Here are some suggestions that you need to include in your diet chart.


Iron is such ingredient that helps a lot in baby’s growth, so you need to increase your iron intake during your pregnancy, especially in your last few months. Apart from this, you will lose some blood in the coming month due to the delivery and labor, so iron can help you to make up all things. As iron is the major part of the hemoglobin, you can guess its benefits in your pregnancy. The absorption of iron from the food is also higher in your pregnancy days, so make the best use of it. You have plenty of options in veggies and foods which are rich source of iron, including dried beans, egg yolk, lean meat, broccoli, spinach and others. If you are suffering from iron deficiencies, it may not be good for your baby as iron helps in developing your baby’s brain.


This vitamin is beneficiaries for both you and your baby, as it helps in strengthening the bones, which is very important part of your baby’s development. If you are lacking in calcium during your pregnancy, it may not affect your baby’s growth as the necessary calcium is taken from your bones, so at the end, it makes you poor in strength. To avoid such situation, you should increase your calcium intake rather than lowering your energy level. Besides, calcium is the main ingredient of the breast milk, so if your body does not get sufficient calcium, you may face a breastfeeding problem. Though you need not take much trouble to find out the calcium resource, you can get it in milk, cheese, and yogurt; among the veggies, broccoli, Chinese cabbage and okra are rich in calcium.


Protein is necessary in your pregnancy days as it helps in baby’s development. Even at your 8-month pregnancy, your baby is still developing so protein helps in the development. It works in building blocks of tissue. It is advised to take 50 to 70 grams protein per day as per your body weight. Lean meat, fish and egg are some of the best options for the animal protein. In the veggies, you can eat beans, legumes, and lentils for the protein. Other protein sources are dairy products, seeds and grains.


Your body needs fluids during the pregnancy to avoid constipation and other related problems. Moreover, fluid increases your blood level that carries oxygen and nutrient all over you and your baby’s body. So, fluid intake is necessary during your pregnancy. Drink a plenty of water, though you can choose juices and nutrition beverages to meet the sufficient level of fluids.

Avoid some foods:

  • Do not include seafood in your dishes as it contains mercury and toxic metal like ingredient, which affects on nervous system.
  • You need to avoid alcohol and caffeine beverages, because it can cause serious birth defects. Even soft drinks and colas are needed to keep away from your diet.
  • Avoid those foods which make you fat. In pregnancy, too much weight is not healthy for you.

So, in your eight month pregnancy, you need the sufficient vitamin, minerals and iron supplements to keep yourself active as it is just a one month to go to meet your baby. Moreover, your baby also needs those vitamins and minerals for growth. You need not forget that in your last trimester, there is rapid development of your baby’s growth. So, to keep your baby healthy, you can follow this diet.

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