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Healthy Diet for Expecting Mothers

Women should always focus on their diet and when they are expecting, it becomes all the more necessary that they follow a balanced diet. This is important not just for her own health but also for the growth and development of the fetus. This post talks about healthy meals and diet patterns for mothers in India so that they can enjoy the best of the health. This article also includes useful information on what foods must be avoided during pregnancy period.

The significance of balanced diet is known to all. Eating food rich and balanced in nutrition is must for every expecting lady as it helps her stay fit and also provides nourishment for the baby to grow. During the period of nine months, the baby grows on what a mother eats and to ensure that you deliver a healthy baby, it is very important that you watch what you eat. There has to be a balance of fruits and vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Remember all that you are going to eat is affect you and your baby.

Foods to Include in Diet for Expecting Mothers

Here are some of the foods which must be included in the diet:

Fruits and vegetables

It is important that an expecting lady consumes five portions of fresh fruits and veggies per day. You can also have them in juice form.


We all know that calcium is essential for bones. To maintain your own bone density and to help in bone formation of the baby, you must eat dairy foods such as milk, curd, cheese, butter milk and yogurt on daily basis.


Your body needs iron for hemoglobin. The capacity of a woman’s body to absorb iron increases when she is expecting. You cannot afford to get anemic during pregnancy. Therefore, you must include in your meal rich source of iron like apricot, egg yolk, vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, beetroot etc, whole grains like oats, millet and wheat.


Some of the proteins rich diet includes eggs, fish and chicken for the non-vegetarians and lentils, beans and nuts for the vegetarians. It is good to have regular intake of proteins in your meal. They are very important as they are the building blocks for the growing baby. They also contain iron and amino acids which are essential for cell formation.

Foods to be Avoided by Pregnant Ladies

Here are some of the things that you must not eat when you are expecting:

  • Avoid intake of vitamin A during pregnancy as it can be unhealthy for the embryo. All the foods that are rich in vitamin A like liver should not be consumed.
  • Do not have any raw, under cooked or contaminate sea food.
  • Do not have unpasteurized juice.
  • Do not eat papaya.

Special Diets in Special Cases

It is important to consult your doctor in following cases so that you don’t miss on anything important or include anything harmful in your meals:

Lactose Intolerance

In this case you must find out about calcium supplements to ensure regular intake of calcium.


In India, we can still find so many expecting mothers who are vegetarian. They must talk to their doctors about diet rich in proteins, iron and vitamin D and B12.


This has again become a very common problem. Have a finely framed diet chart from your doctor to make sure that your blood sugar remains in control.


This is another common problem. You need to consult your doctor to set your dosage for this disease.

Tips for Consuming Food

Just having right diet is not everything; you need to keep these points in mind while consuming the healthy diet:

  • You must maintain proper hygiene while cooking the food and while consuming the food. Wash your hands with water and soap or use hand sanitizer to keep your hands free from germs to avoid infection.
  • While purchasing meat, make sure that juices are clear.
  • While cooking meat, make sure you cook it thoroughly.
  • Wash veggies and fruits properly before consuming them.

Keep all these points in mind and you will surely have a healthy pregnancy period along with a healthy baby. Remember, with right meals, you can win over many complications.


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