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Getting Ready to Have a Baby

Choosing to have a baby is a major life decision. Becoming a parent will change your life to a great extent. People have different reasons for having a baby. But the most common reason is, because they want to bring their own into this world which is the most practical and genuine reason. Before you make your decision to plan a baby there are a lot of factors to be considered, that is why it is important to know what you can do to get ready for the journey. Preparing to get pregnant and getting your life ready for the baby is the first great step. Good nutrition, good general health and exercise are most important aspects for getting ready for pregnancy. The healthier you are, the more likely you are to have a healthy baby. Unfortunately, there are no foolproof methods of having a healthy baby, but there are many things you can do that may improve your chances of a good outcome.

Planning your pregnancy may help you to:

  • Conceive more easily
  • Have a healthier pregnancy
  • Avoid or minimize pregnancy complications
  • Give birth to a healthier baby

Before and throughout your pregnancy you will need to make many decisions about how you will take care of yourself. The body changes so much during pregnancy and many important developments take place in the first month of pregnancy. Making appropriate lifestyle changes and starting new good habits can help you to have a healthier pregnancy.

Here’s what women can do to get ready for pregnancy:

  • Eat healthy – There is no specific diet to boost fertility. But because diet affects the health of the entire body, it is essential to have a good diet to support pregnancy. Increase your intake of nutritious food. Eat lots of greens and leafy vegetables. Avoid refined sugars or fruit juices. Make sure you get enough folic acid in your diet by eating fortified cereal, beans and peas, citrus fruit and spinach. Folic acid helps protect a baby from birth defects of the brain and spinal cord that can happen very early in pregnancy.
  • Get into regular exercise routine– To get your body into shape for pregnancy; women need to exercise regularly for 30 minutes a day. But too much exercise should be avoided as it can be harmful during pregnancy. Pregnancy can also be stressful for the body. Great ways to reduce stress include meditation, yoga, prayer, getting out into the nature etc. So you should start doing exercise regularly before conceiving.
  • Start taking supplements – Start taking supplements with your diet. A prenatal vitamin bridges the gap in nutrition and makes sure that you are achieving complete nutritional levels required for pregnancy. It is always advisable to consult your doctor while taking supplements.
  • See your gynecologist – It’s a good idea to have a general health check up before trying for a baby. It is best to know if there are any issues before getting pregnant so as to prevent any complications in future.
  • Watch your weight– Women planning to fall pregnant need to maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight can cause problems with the way hormones function in the body which can lead to polycystic ovary syndrome. Being underweight can also contribute to insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes. Hormone disorders can contribute to infertility. By maintaining a healthy weight, you can reduce the chances of having these issues and increase your chances of conception.
  • Be hydrated – Drinking enough water is essential for your systems to function correctly at all times, but especially during pregnancy and pre pregnancy. Stay hydrated so as to stay healthy.
  • Avoid caffeine– Caffeine is a stimulant. It increases your heart rate and metabolism which in turn affects your developing baby. It is always advisable to avoid caffeine intake which can prove to be harmful during pregnancy.

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