Fatherhood: Am I Ready To Be A Father?

Are You Ready for Fatherhood

Pregnant women experience a variety of emotions and life changes. Becoming a mother is hard, but becoming a father is equally difficult. Starting a family requires the dual role and effort for both the mother and father. Fatherhood is a lifetime commitment. That is why it is important to be emotionally, physically and financially prepared before trying for a baby. Along with the joy of your baby, there will be many other changes. Most first time dads have their own feelings and concern to deal with too. Like any big change, this will require major adjustment. This is why you should plan carefully while making your decision.

The most important points to consider while making yourself ready for fatherhood are the following:

You have established your priorities: As an individual, and before making yourself responsible for another human being’s life, make sure you are fulfilling your expectations out of life. For example, if you want to be successful professionally, then first achieve this goal because after your baby is born, you will have to change your priorities.

Your relationship with your spouse: The biggest factor to consider when you have decided to become a father is your relationship with your spouse. Because becoming a father involves many concerns that shall arise in the future. Your home needs to be a place of love and peace because this will be the place where your baby will grow. So the environment should be peaceful and loving. Also, you have to ensure that your partner also has made up her mind to move into motherhood. Soon after you have a baby, you may find that your partner is paying more attention towards the baby when compared to you. So you should be mentally prepared for such a situation.

Your expenditure: Expenses will increase. You will have another mouth to feed and many other expenses that are attached with raising your child. Check your finances before making a decision.

You are able to make sacrifice: Being a father you will need to sacrifice lot of things especially when you have to choose from your desires & family needs, as you will have an added responsibility. For example, one of the sacrifices is your sleep. Having a baby ruins your sleep. That is one of the fundamental truths about parenthood.

You have a good support system: This means you have support from your family members, relatives, friends or neighbors. This is necessary so as to give your best to your child.

Once you have made up your mind to become a father, follow the tips given below:

  1. Change to a healthy lifestyle – It’s a well known fact that what a mother eats before and during pregnancy can affect fetal development but research shows that a father’s diet also plays a critical role in a newborn’s health. So scrap off junk food and get on a healthy lifestyle. Include lots of greens & leafy vegetables to your diet.
  2. Consume calcium & vitamin D – These improve fertility chances in men. Calcium such as milk and curd can be consumed while Vitamin D can be found in fish and other food items.
  3. Avoid alcohol- Reduce your intake of alcohol. However, infrequent consumption is considered much safer.
  4. Quit smoking- It is advisable to stop smoking before planning for a baby. Second hand smoking is also harmful for your partner and your baby.
  5. Exercise regularly- Morning walk and yoga will improve the quality of your life.
  6. Medicines – Consult your doctor before taking any medicines as it can prove to be harmful for you.
  7. Start reading pregnancy related books- This is necessary so as to understand your partner during pregnancy and this will also help in knowing about your baby and your role towards the newborn.

Always remember your role as a father influences the growth and development of your child. Fatherhood is a challenging part of life but you will also have so many greatest moments in your life with your child that you will not feel life to be difficult.

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