Do Not Stop Doing Things Your Kids Can Do For Themselves

Do Not Stop Doing Things Your Kids Can Do For Themselves

As parents, we all want to make sure that we do the best for our kids. We read articles, magazines to make sure that all that we are doing is right. Just like every other mom these days, I also keep reading articles about what things I should be doing when it comes to raising my girl. A few back I came across an article which said, Stop Doing Things for Your Children That They Can Do Themselves.

While reading that I kept comparing myself to that particular article because I am kind of a mother who would brush her child before bed, read stories to her at bedtime and brush her hair. For an instance, I was convinced that as a parent, I should stop doing it all as my girl is big enough to do all of this all by herself but then when I had a look at the picture in my bedroom’s wall where I am brushing my little girl’s locks and we both are happily smiling, within a moment I was convinced that what I have been doing is right and this is what a mother is suppose to be doing.

In this era where we are informed about smallest of the issues and we doubt ourselves as mothers after reading every article, I have understood one thing that one should follow her instincts. We should follow what our heart says and not what the article says. I completely understand that I might make my child completely dependent on me and she would not even know how to braid her hair when she is an adult but then I also know that I am thinking too negative.

By doing small things for our child which we know that they are big enough to do, we are pampering them but there are so many other ways in which we are benefiting them and us…..

  • We are getting to spend more time with our kids. With these small things, we get to spend quality time with our children which helps us talk more and share more which otherwise might not be possible.
  • We are getting to strengthen the bond we share. By doing these little things, we pamper our children and they also reciprocate in the same caring and loving way. These things are a medium to express our love to our children.
  • These things are nothing but sweet gestures which inculcate the same habit in our children. I know for sure that when my girl becomes a mother, she would also do these things for her child.

I think it is a game of perception that how you look at things and how you deal with them. So I think as parents, certain things we should decide on our own rather than letting any article directing us what to do. Some decisions are quite subjective and we must responsibly take them taking in mind all the pros and cons.

As far as I am concerned, I will keep doing those little things for my girl because these things keep us attached and together. And we both are happy with this equation….. So you take your call and decide which way is the right way for you.

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