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Best of Toddler and Kids Activity Classes in Mumbai

As parents we want our children to involve themselves in activities other than studies and therefore, activities for toddlers like dance, music, games, drama, art and craft are a great idea to keep your toddlers and kids engaged. There are various mother toddler classes in Mumbai, summer camp for pre-school children, classes for 2 year olds in Mumbai and various hobby classes in Mumbai like vocational classes etc.

If you are also looking for activity classes for toddlers in Navi Mumbai or activity classes for 4 year olds e then this post unfolds the best of the activity classes for kids in Mumbai that keep them engaged and help them learn new things.

Gymboree, Mumbai

Gymboree activity centre in Mumbai is a part of international kids activity classes. The brand is known for their amazing classes for kids up to age of 5 years. Gymboree’s Music and Play classes are designed in order to make children learn with laughter and fun. They make new friends and try art, music and dance with them which helps them have an overall development. They are known to be the best activity classes focusing the early childhood segment.

Toddlers Activity Center Mumbai, Maharashtra

It is surely one of the best places in Mumbai for kids to enjoy activities in a playful manner. The preschool activity center aims at complete development of your child with lots of physical, dance and music activities. It is a complete learning center which aims at stimulating finest brain development of the child which is possible in the initial years of his life.

Imagination Workshops by Kshitij World

If you are in search of a personality development activity class for your child then Imagination Workshops are highly recommended. These classes are designed around the concept that every kid is special in some way and he must be made to explore his special side. This is very much helpful in giving your child a stronger and healthier personality.

Early Training – Garbhasanskar – Bal Sanskar

This is a wonderful way to introduce children to studies without having to send them to a proper school set up. This training institute offers compulsory child parent counseling which is helpful in analyzing the personality of the child and planning the complete training for him. Then on weekly basis child is called for the sessions and gradually the presence of the mother is reduced. This activity center ensures that each and every aspect of the personality of the child is worked upon.

Speech & Drama – Pre Primary Course by Helen O’Grady International

Another learning program for children which focuses primarily on communication skills, speech and confidence of the kid. Efforts are made to introduce children to new words, phonetics, drama techniques in the most innovative way possible. Children are encouraged to be participative to help them come out of the hesitation which surrounds them.

Creative Intelligence Course by Orins Kids Learning Center

This intelligence course works on empowering the brain of the child with more power. Thoughts form the basis of development and therefore, it is extremely important that we concentrate on what our child thinks as this would eventually affect his behavior. Children learn to deal with thoughts in a more effective way which helps them have a stronger personality as they have clearer and more focused thoughts.

My Big Messy Art Class by Kidville

This class lets the children by messy. They have all the permission to explore their artistic side by doing whatever they like. The idea is to bring out the creativity inside the child by letting him do whatever he feels like. He is free to splatter, splash, smear or do anything he wishes to with things available to him. Each session is for around 45 minutes and lets your kid enjoy being messy!!!

With so many choices for activities for toddlers, including music classes, dance, art and various creative fun-filled activities, you can surely keep your kid busy in a constructive manner. These classes for kids in Mumbai are surely the best picks.


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