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Best 5 Hair Oils to Shop for Newborn Babies in India

Everything that you plan to shop for your newborn baby has to very gentle. Some babies are born with good chunk of hair on their heads and some are born bald. Some babies are born with thick and strong locks while some have soft hair. No matter how their hairs are, they all need hair care. If you are in search of good hair oil for your infant in India, then you must take a few moments to find out which hair oils can give your little one healthy hair. We all desire lustrous, soft and healthy hair and it all starts right from the initial days of care. You must pick the best hair oils for your infant which can nourish his or her hair and ensure that your little darling is gifted with awesome hair when he or she grows up.

This post unveils the best 5 hair oils to shop for newborn babies in India to get them best of the hair. These are indeed the healthiest choices of oils for infants which you can pick with confidence and ensure the best of the nourishment and health of the hair since his very first year. So let us know which all hair oils for newborn babies are the best buy in India.

Mothercare Baby Hair Oil- K3603 Hair Oil

Mothercare Baby Hair Oil- K3603 Hair OilThis is very popular and promising hair oil which consists of chamomile oil and olive oil. Both these oils are very effective in adding shine and nourishment to the baby’s hair. This hypo-allergenic oil offers just the right care to the soft pristine infant hair by keeping them protected from germs and allergies.

Price: INR 349.00

Aloe Veda Distil Extra Virgin Olive

Aloe Veda Distil Extra Virgin Olive Baby Hair oilThis is extra Virgin Baby Hair oil which is known for its hair nourishment properties. Not only it is gentle on baby hair but also imparts strength to the new hair. It adds on to the thickness, growth and quality of the hair by protecting them from UV radiations so that your baby can have beautiful and healthy hair since his early years.

Price: INR 210.00

Chicco Baby Hair Oil

Chicco Baby Hair Oil IndiaChicco is another promising brand for baby cosmetics. The hair oil for babies consists of rice bran oil which is effective in keeping the baby scalp clean and adding a smooth and soft touch to the infant’s hair. Unlike other hair oils for babies, it doesn’t contain anything like mineral oils or petroleum which are unhealthy for little ones.

Price: INR 460.00

Mee Mee Baby Hair Oil

Mee Mee Baby Hair Oil IndiaMee Mee Baby hair oil comes with olive oil extracts and sunflower seed oil extracts which are very effect in imparting nourishment to the hair and the scalp by keeping them both free from any kind of dryness. It is a very good option to massage the baby hair in a soft manner since birth as it comes with amazing benefits.

Price: INR 210.00

Johnson & Johnson Avocado Baby Hair Oil

Johnson & Johnson Avocado Baby Hair Oil India

Johnson & Johnson is one of the most popular brands for baby cosmetics across the world. Johnson & Johnson Avocado hair oil for babies comes with fresh avocado and pro- vitamins which help in hair growth and softening of hair. Give your little one’s hair a beautiful look along with nourishment with this non-greasy hair oil.

Price: INR 132.00

With such amazing choices of hair oil for newborn babies in India, you can also choose the one which fits your budget. It is always good to discuss your choice with the doctor to make sure that your baby’s hair grow healthy and soft as he grows.

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