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Benefits of Baby Massage for Parents

When a woman becomes a mother, her life is surrounded with the innocence smile of her baby and she wants to leave no corner to protect her little angel from any kind of harshness in the outside world. Days after days, a mother grew her baby with love and affection. So, for a mother there is nothing more important than carrying her baby. After being a mother, she wants to communicate with her baby to understand her each mood and the baby massage is one of the simple ways that makes this bonding stronger.

A Massage makes your baby happy

If you gently rub your baby’s skin, you can find that a big smile appears on your child’s face. It has a biological reason that unwinds your baby’s body. With massaging your baby’s skin, you stimulate the central nervous system that becomes the reason of the serotonin production, which makes the baby happy. Not only that, but also it reduces the cortisol flow, which is responsible for the irritation and stress. If you want to keep your baby’s smile untouched, the baby massage is the great way to do this.

Baby Massage makes a way of communication

Baby massage not only lifts your baby’s mood, but also teaches you how to communicate with your child. Your baby at her infant age cannot understand the verbal signs; she only knows the touch and smells. So, many prefer skin to skin contact to introduce yourself to your baby. Baby massage includes the rhythmic movement of your finger over your baby’s skin, a touch, which she knows that it is her mother. Through this, an understanding is set between the mother and child, which grew stronger over the time. It helps you to realize the body language of your baby, by which she initially communicates with you.

Benefits of massage to your baby

The life in a mother’s womb and the life after coming out in the real world is totally a different journey a baby goes through. It is a tough thing for her to stay amid the noises and lights. For her, a mother’s arm is the protected place where she sleeps without any worry. Baby massage gives a feeling of secured attachment to a baby. Emotionally, she is filled with the love and affection by her mother soft and soothing rubbing. Besides this, massage improves the awareness of a baby and it comes out with a quick response against any sound and touch. The growth of the baby is also going well, as massaging helps a deep and long sleep for a baby.

Other benefits of the baby massage:

  • Baby massage improves the immune system of a baby.
  • It increases circulation in the body of a baby.
  • With massage, one can enhance the neurological balance.
  • The baby’s respiratory system is improved.
  • A mother can protect her baby from congestion and gas problem with the baby massage.
  • Communication is also set, from the brain to every part of the body by maintaining the baby massage regularly.

Some Baby Massage Tips:

For massaging leg and feet, you can gently squeeze your baby’s leg from thigh to ankle and then do it in a reverse way. Make a soothing rub on the feet with your thumb and if you want, you can stroke gently on the toes. For the head, you can run your hands from the both sides of your baby’s head to the toes. While massaging over the body, oils and moisturizer are used to glide your hands on baby’s skin, as it strengthens the bones.


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