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Amazingly Easy Tips To Get Kids Ready Every Morning for School on Time

Even if you get up early to make sure your kid is ready on time for school every day without any morning hush-hush, you miss to meet your target because you have so much to do. And if you are not a morning person then it is more troublesome for you. Waking up your child, dressing him up, preparing him breakfast and many more morning activities sometimes spin your head making it a rough start of the day for you. Moreover, you cannot even expect your kid to be compromising with you by finishing their milk just because they are getting late.

Well to ease all the mommies of this morning roller coaster ride, we have this post which talks about some of the most amazing and quick tips that make sure that your child is ready for school on time every morning. So here you go!!!

1. Prepare Prior for Morning

Prepare Prior for Morning kids school timeIf you think that you can leave everything to morning like ironing the uniform, polishing the shoes, arranging the bag for your little one then you are in big mess. Instead do everything at night and keep these things at the accessible places. This would save your time rushing here and there in the morning and you will not lose your mental peace early morning as you know that it is all set. Just invest 30 minutes at night and you are done.

2. Have a Proper Bed Time

kids sleeping morning school timeSleep plays a significant role in your child’s mood and efficiency. If he has not got enough sleep, he will be cranky all day long. Therefore, it is extremely important for you as the mother to make sure that you kid goes to bed on time every night so that he is fresh and happy the next morning. Do not compromise with his bed time as it can really ruin your mornings and your mood way too much.

3. Design a Routine

Kids morning RoutineIt is your job to have a sorted routine every morning and this is what your child is also going to learn. There are set activities for the morning time and having a smooth cycle of these activities makes the start of the day smoother. In between the mundane activities of your child, you will have to find time to prepare breakfast and ready his lunch box. Don’t get into arguments with your baby over food. Serve him what he eats happily so that he is at least well fed when he leaves the house.

4. Start With a List

routine kids school timeIn the initial days, when you are in the process of building up a routine, you might forget to do a few things. It might sound a little different but having things to do listed can make situations a lot simplified for you. Noting down things starting from brushing the teeth to handing over the lunchbox should be a part of this list to make sure that you don’t miss on anything. You can also have these different tasks divided between you and your husband or you and your house –help to have it more organized. This would help you stay focused and sorted without losing your energy and mind.

5. Divide Chores into Morning and Evening

Divide Chores into Morning and EveningMornings are anyway very packed so keeping everything for the morning can surely affect the start of the day. Don’t expect him to do everything all by himself in the morning. Start with difficult or time-taking tasks in the evening and then you can shift them to morning. For instance, brushing teeth at bed time should be started first and then you can let your child do it all by himself in the morning. Divide the tasks into small tasks so that he can do them comfortably.

6. Don’t Miss on Expressing Your Love

kids kiss goodbye monring school timeWe often forget to kiss our kids goodbye because we are so occupied with thousands of things running on our minds. Don’t do that!!! Always make sure that you wave him goodbye with a kiss and a hug. This will take just a few minutes and will bring a smile to his face.

7. Take a Break from Routine

routine for your child - watch TVYou have a routine for your child which is good but let him take a break from this regular routine on weekends. He can sleep a little late, he can get up an hour late, he can watch more TV are some of the things that can help him ease.

With these tips you can surely have a more sorted routine for your little one.

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