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A Guide To Shopping For Babies And Toddlers In India

Shopping for babies and toddlers is not easy, as the list of items seems to have no ending. From his/her health to dress, from entertainment to education, you need to put all those things on your list when you are going for the shopping. Every parent wants to give a healthy environment to the baby and that is why sopping plays an important role. India is no less behind from other countries in terms of shopping for the baby products. To satisfy the needs of the parents, India’s market provides everything, starting from the infant care to the kid toys, everything. If you are in confusion what you need to buy for your baby, here, a shopping guide is given to you. You should keep in mind that along with the essential things, you need to buy some other things as well, to make your kid’s mood delight. Here a list is given for you.

  • Nappies:

The first thing that comes in your list for the shopping of your baby and toddler is nappies. As you need to change your baby’s nappy nearly 10-12 times a day, you should have a good stock of nappies in your home. Go for the cotton nappies which are comfortable for your baby and as long as his/her health is concerned. You can iron the nappies after wash, as it helps to kill the germs.

  • Baby wipes:

Baby wipes are handy to wash your baby’s bum. However, many people go with the traditional way to wash with water and cotton cloth, but these baby wipes are good for your baby, especially when you are on a trip with your baby.

  • Diapers:

Stock a good amount of diapers for your baby and toddler as with these, you no need to change your baby’s nappies timely. So, diapers are good when you are out of your home with your baby. You need to follow your doctor’s advice to know how long a diaper is safe for your baby.

  • Cotton socks and cotton hats:

No matter what the season is, cotton socks and hats always help you to protect your baby’s skin from dirt, as your baby’s skin is sensitive and soft, skin problems are very common.

  • Bibs:  

Bib is another thing you should not forget to buy for your baby. It protects your baby’s cloth during the feeding. So you should buy at least 5 to 6 bibs for your baby as it needs changing.

  • Buy some hand towels and napkins:

At the time of feeding your baby, he/she often spits out the food or milk when you burp your baby, so you need to keep the towel ready to protect your cloth as well as to make your baby clean after the feeding. Hand towels and napkins are essential in this case.

  • Baby care products:

As your baby’s skin is sensitive, whatever you apply your baby that should be the mild ones, otherwise it harms your baby’s skin. You can find lots of brands in the baby care products, so know what others suggest the most. Your toddler needs shampoo, soap, lotions, powder and many things.

  • A cot:

For your baby’s sleeping, you can buy a cot for him/her, but sometimes it is difficult to sift him/her to the bed as your baby gets used to with it.

  • Bathtub for baby:

You can buy bathtub or bath bed for your kid’s bathing. Baby bath tub comes with safety and it will also be easy for you to give your baby a bath.

  • Car seat:

If you have a car, then you can buy a car seat, but do not compromise with the comfort level and it is better if you can buy the rear-facing car seat.

  • Baby stroller:

Baby stroller makes your task easy and you can also easily go to the walk with your baby if you have a baby stroller. It introduces her with the environment and fresh air of the evening is also good for your baby.

  • Feeding bottles:

Feeding bottles are essential thing and you need not forget about. Make sure that you sterilize the bottles perfectly before feeding her.

  • Baby bag:

Baby bags are very useful when you are making a plan for a small outing with your baby. It comes with lots of pockets that give you the advantage to carry all the essential things that your baby needs.

  • Toys:

You can buy different kind of toys for your baby or toddler, which gives her entertainment and also improves her brain. Puzzle games are the best if your toddler loves adventure.


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