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7 Tips That Help Being A Good Wife and Mother

Marriage is beautiful and when you have children it becomes all the more wonderful. From two individuals, you become a family but in the midst of all this you have to fight many battles. And one of these battles is balancing your marriage with motherhood. It is surely not easy and sometimes it might even freak you out because you feel you are losing on yourself.

To help you balance your roles as a wife and a mother, here are 7 guidelines which help you give time to both the relationships thereby helping you have a happy family association.

1. Don’t Miss on Being You

In the hustle-bustle of life, we get exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally because we are working hard to please others. The result is we neglect our needs, our existence.  To make others happy, you have to be happy inside and for that you need to look good and feel great. Take out time for yourself and don’t feel bad about it rather enjoy it because that’s you fuel for happy life and it will help you attain a balance between different roles you play.

2. Talk and Share How You Feel

Communication is very important and most of the times we fail to talk to our husbands about our needs, our struggle, our problems. Talk to him because he might not be aware of what you are going through. This will help you have practical and justified expectations from each other. Likewise, when your children are big enough to understand things, you can also talk to them, delegate them roles and make your family a happier one.

3. Don’t Let Romance Die in Marriage

Usually romance begins to die when you have kids because you both are busy playing your roles. Don’t let that happen!!! Kisses, hugs are expressions of love and you must show your spouse how much you love him and it is always considered good to let your children see love in your marriage. This will help them develop faith in the institution. Moreover, it is important to show your man that he is still your priority.

4. Accept The Fact That You Cannot Do Everything By Yourself

There is no harm in asking for help occasionally. You are a human and you can also get tired. Seek help from your husband. He can manage the kids and make them study. Sharing responsibilities and duties as parents will make life simpler for you. You can even ask someone to babysit for you once in a while.

5. Teach Kids to Respect Their Father’s Role

It is the duty of the mother to teach her kids to show how important their father is. You must teach them to respect him, his hard work and all the efforts he puts in to bring happiness and comfort to the family. This will help them become more responsible and respectful towards their father which will eventually make a wonderful family.

6. Time Management is the Key

You have 24 hours in a day and your to-do list is long. It depends on your time management skills that how well you are able to accomplish your tasks. For this, you will also be required to set a routine for your family and involve your husband in planning the thing. If your kids are old enough then you can also give them small tasks as it will also help them learn things.

7. Be Optimistic

With the passage of time, you will witness various kinds of problems but you must always have a positive attitude towards life. Always thank God for blessing you with a family. Blaming your husband or family for not being a support to you will ruin your life and peace of mind. Never treat your children as burden or issue in your comfort. With a positive mind, you will have happy husband and kids. This means you have been able to play a balanced role as a mother and as a wife.

These are some of the tips which you can utilize and be a perfect mom and a loving wife.


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