7 Easy Tips To Effectively Enhance Your Baby’s Memory

We have often read that babies are blessed with an amazing magical power to learn new things. As they grow up, they gradually start learning things from environment. But in order to make sure that they learn effectively, it is the duty of the parents to give them the right environment to learn and to encourage them to do so. With little efforts made by parents, they can boost the memory of their cute little babies.

This post unveils 7 easy tips that are very effective in enhancing the memory of your baby. So read these tips and bring about a desirable change in your kids’ learning.

Defining Day Routine for Baby

It is very important for the mother to create a routine for the baby. It is essential that the baby has timings for deed, sleep, bath etc. With a defined routine, baby is able to understand and learn the scenario and this makes life easy for the kid. You can gradually start setting up the routine in the initial months.

Call Baby By Name

As soon as the newborn turns four month old, he is able to recognize the sound of names. Calling your baby by his name will help him related with his name. Likewise, relating words like mommy with you, papa with your husband will also help the kid learn the connections. You must start with this as soon as the newborn turns 4 months old.

Sing Songs and Lullaby

Sounds help babies connect. If you will sing a song to your kid or simply sing a lullaby to her, she will be able to associate herself with certain sounds which in turn will be helpful in building memory for your kid.

Playful Learning

You can make the whole experience of learning all the more interesting and playful. If there is a rattle or toy which requires some skills to use then you can show your baby how to use it and gradually she will remember how to use it. Once she is in the bracket of 0-3 months old, you can start with this step.

Start Talking and Using Actions

Once your baby is four months old, it is time to start talking to her and start using actions with her. This will help her understand things and learn them gradually. This would help her anticipate things. When you are reading her a story, use actions and sounds which will help her connect and learn things slowly.

Start Responding to Baby

As soon as your baby has entered her 6th month, it is time to start reacting and responding to her. When she does something, you must react to it as it will help her learn how to respond. When you talk to her, give her time to respond and she will react. Gradually, she will learn to respond when you talk to her. Slowly and slowly she will learn to recognize words, sentence patterns and will also start responding. She will pick what she is seeing and hearing from you.

Association and Recognition Games

When your baby turns 9 months old, she is big enough to learn routines. She knows its morning and time for a bath. She knows that when the bath is done, she will be dressed up. Seeing socks she would know that they are for feet. Seeing the bib, she would know you are about to feed her.

These are simple tips which can make a big difference to her memory and learning.

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